June 2024 We enter the calendar month of June with Gemini energy lighting up our minds. This exciting, lighthearted, and youthful energy can give us opportunities to connect and share with others the things that make our hearts sing. We can also find ourselves overwhelmed with information with Jupiter in Gemini for the next 12 […]

MAY 2024 – The Light and Shadow Report

May 2024 It is Taurus/Gemini Season for the calendar month of May. We are most likely feeling energized by the things that allow our senses to come alive, and bring in the experience of manifestation so that we can learn, understand, and grow in the stages of our evolutionary process. So much happens in a […]


April 2024  April is here and Spring has sprung! The sun entered Aries March 19th/20th depending on where you live in the world. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are starting to wake up and shake off the Winter energies, and feel a sense of aliveness returning. In my little corner of the world the […]


March 2024 It is Pisces Season now and we kick off the month with quite an active sky. Remember that “as above so below”. This means that while the planets do not make something happen to us, we can feel the shifts in energy in our bodies. When we have so much emphasis in one […]


Welcome to “The Jamie Dawn Show” on, where vibrant energy meets insightful conversations! Join the charismatic host, Jamie Dawn, as she takes you on a journey of self-discovery, inspiration, and a dash of humor every time the clock strikes for her lively broadcast. “The Jamie Dawn Show” is not your typical radio experience; it […]

The Light and Shadow Report

February 2024 Officially in Aquarius season as we kick off the month of February. Our hearts and minds turn towards the areas of our lives that have felt stagnant and now need some innovation and change. We may be tired of the status quo, but the caution here is not to create change just for […]

The Light and Shadow Report

January 2024 It’s Earth sign Capricorn season, but as we kick off the month and new calendar year, we have Mercury stationing direct at 22 degrees of fire sign Sagittarius and in trine aspect with the North Node in Aries. We should be wrapping up a theme or series of items that we were revisiting […]

Success and Desire

Desire and Success go hand in hand, as they blend the perfect yin and yang for manifestation. Success can be defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose”…the yin…an particular outcome that has nothing to do. Success just IS. Desire for that particular accomplishment is the fuel that drives us. Desire is the […]

January 2020- A set up we won’t forget

January 2020 offers us some powerful themes…preparation, building foundations, erecting new structures, and power to name a few. We have been feeling the raw power of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn for quite some time. This energy doesn’t ask twice or nicely if we are ready to transform or rid ourselves of an old structure […]