The Light and Shadow Report

February 2024

Officially in Aquarius season as we kick off the month of February. Our hearts and minds turn towards the areas of our lives that have felt stagnant and now need some innovation and change. We may be tired of the status quo, but the caution here is not to create change just for the sake of it. We can lose credibility if we aren’t careful as others need to know there is stability in what we say and do. However, this is a great month to evaluate where we either need to continue progress in an area that we committed to evolving, or where we have become too complacent and begin taking necessary steps towards perfecting this area. For example, if we have a particular relationship that we have taken it and the other person for granted, now is the time to make a decision to express the value that this relationship and person brings to our lives. Having crucial conversations and expressing appreciation will go a long way. I think of Aquarius energy much like the brilliant scientist or mad scientist depending on the direction we choose to go. Both archetypes are in a laboratory creating recipes that can either benefit or harm humanity. Each ingredient has some reaction to another. We get to decide which ingredients we want to add to this area of life. Will we create the next cure or disease? 

Now that Pluto is officially in the sign of Aquarius, we will have years to work with the transformational and powerful shit stirrer, Roto Rooter energy of this little planet. “Small but mighty” is a theme with Pluto, because it brings up all the things from the underworld or subconscious that we either didn’t know on a conscious level or didn’t want to deal with. Secrets or hidden information comes to light and forces us to face our fears around information, technology, the collective, other worldly things, and progress. We will be asking ourselves questions about AI, the space program, and if aliens really do exist for the next two decades. Information will be king and the more we know the more we may feel empowered. However, the difficulty is that we cannot know everything all the time, leaving us feeling powerless when new information surfaces that we weren’t prepared for. This is where practices such as grounding, breath work, coming back to basics, and digital detoxing can serve us. 

First few days of February offer the gift of a sextile between Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn in Pisces. Our minds are taking a serious more stoic approach to manifesting what we imagine could be our new realities. We may find ourselves in negotiations with authority figures or others who can influence the outcomes we seek. It’s a great time to gather information and create with others who can push our agendas forward. The shadow side to this time is that we could be easily manipulated if we have become too fixated on our own agendas, and forget that we can walk away from the table to revisit the conversation another day. 

Shortly after this sextile occurs Mercury ingresses into Aquarius and makes a quick conjunction with Pluto, adding another boost of power to our thoughts and negotiation skills. This would be a great time to revisit a previous conversation if you didn’t get the desirable outcome. Keep in mind that with Pluto’s energy canoodling with Mercury, secret information could come to light which could change our minds about what we thought we knew to be true. This information could be just the breakthrough we need to improve the situation in ways we didn’t think about before, or throw us off kilter and have us feeling quite unsettled. 

The Aquarius new moon on February 9th invites us to take a more objective approach to cutting ties with our past so that we can step into a future that supports us on a more holistic level. We may be setting intentions to find alternative ways to deal with a particular situation that has come up for us now. Our minds will be on fire with new ideas that could benefit not only ourselves, but the world at large. The shadow side of this new moon is that we might get carried away with such out of this world ideas that no one can get behind, and feel as though we are separated from the herd, the outlier. The reality is that we want others to align with our ideas so that we can utilize our resources together and create something greater and more beneficial than we first imagined. 

A few days after the Aquarius new moon, Mars, our planet of aggression, assertiveness, passion and drive will join Pluto in the sky. This combination is where passion meets power. If harnessed correctly we can take our new moon intentions and begin making progress. We can align with those who are just as passionate and maybe powerful enough to start opening doors for us. The shadow side of this energy is that we just might be kicking doors without any backup if we overreact to others not pushing as hard and fast as we might want them to. We won’t know what is on the other side of that door, and if we don’t have the protection of “strength in numbers” we could be on the receiving end of a firestorm. 

It wouldn’t be a February report without giving Valentine’s Day an honorable mention. While I am not someone who sensationalizes this day, I am still human and my romantic nature thinks about the romantic notions that go along with this particular tradition. Astrologically and energetically on Valentine’s Day we have the North Node in Aries conjoining Chiron, while the Moon is in one her favorite signs, Taurus, which will be canoodling with Jupiter. I would venture to say that Valentine’s Day could be challenging with rewards awaiting us if we are willing to face any discomfort that may arise. Keeping our expectations realistic will help keep us from getting too emotionally unstable. We can find ways to honor the love that we are and how we express our love to ourselves and others that isn’t overindulgent and still genuine. The shadow side to this energy is that we may desire such a big overture that we spend out of our means, or get pissed off and fly off the handle when we don’t get what we have romanticized. We could damage the relationship we care so much about. 

Two days later, Venus ingresses into Aquarius now hugging Pluto and stirring up possible power struggles in our relationships, financial worries, or creating conflict within ourselves about outer circumstances being misaligned with our values. We can also attract someone in our life who is not our usual type to partner with that has a profound, long-term effect on our lives. Shortly after, on the 19th of February, the Sun ingresses into Pisces offering more empathy, creativity, and healing. With the Sun in Pisces we may feel our attention turn towards being of service to others or taking care of others. Our more spiritual nature is stimulated at this time and our empathy and compassion can become a great tool for greater healing in our lives. Use this transit to explore the imaginal realm and pluck ideas from the infinite field of possibilities. We will need to watch out for escapism during this transit as the Sun in Pisces is energized by daydreaming, imaginal things, meditation, or having big ideas but nothing to anchor these ideas into reality. Watch out for empathy overload, as we could take on the emotions and energy of others and our surroundings and become overwhelmed and burnt out. 

Our Cosmic Lovers, Venus and Mars, wrap their arms around each other from February 20th until the Virgo full moon on the 24th. We will have a few days where we are looking for progress in our relationships of all kinds. We need to partner with people who can think and act out of the box and align with our ideas of where the future can go. The shadow side of this energy can be where we or another may overpromise and underdeliver, leading to future disappointment. If single, this is a great time to attract someone who is not your usual type and explore the open minded nature of what they bring to your world. If you are actively looking for a partner, circulate and participate in something different than you normally would. 

On the 24th of February we have a lovely full moon in Virgo as the moon will make a brief trine to Jupiter in Taurus. Full moons are all about releasing and letting go, and also where we can look back 6 months ago at the Virgo new moon for manifestation of our intentions from that time. Think back to September 14, 2023 and what you may have been thinking about, the seeds of intentions you planted, or themes that may have been up for you. Virgo energy is all about being of service, creative organization, careful discrimination, and honoring of rituals or routines. This full moon could find us releasing habits or rituals that no longer serve us, or going through some sort of detox literally or figuratively. A few of us may be letting go of toxic relationships and focusing on healing ourselves. Solid relationships can find healing of a particular subject matter that may have been taking energy away from them. Singles can attract a relationship that offers healing from all the past experiences. The shadow of this full moon reveals itself through the critical mindset and negative self-talk. Be careful about nitpicking everything. Remember that if we are looking for the negative we will find it. 

We finish the calendar month of February with the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in what is called a stellium in Astrology. These three planets will be hugging each other for a brief moment while Mars squares off with Jupiter, and the Moon trines Venus. This planetary energy offers us the opportunity to receive breakthroughs or breakups in a particular area of life that leads to healing. We may find ourselves more compassionate, empathetic, and in tune with others who are going through their process. It will be important during this time to stay open and gentle with ourselves and others, as each of us have our own angels and demons we negotiate or fight with on a regular basis. 

Happy February!!!