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The Light and Shadow Report

February 2024 Officially in Aquarius season as we kick off the month of February. Our hearts and minds turn towards the areas of our lives that have felt stagnant and now need some innovation and change. We may be tired of the status quo, but the caution here is not to create change just for […]

The Light and Shadow Report

January 2024 It’s Earth sign Capricorn season, but as we kick off the month and new calendar year, we have Mercury stationing direct at 22 degrees of fire sign Sagittarius and in trine aspect with the North Node in Aries. We should be wrapping up a theme or series of items that we were revisiting […]

November 2019- Celestial Wisdom

November herald’s Mercury, our planet representing the mind, connection through communication, and transportation in its retrograde motion through deep, penetrating, truth seeking sign of Scorpio. Venus will be in Sagittarius searching for the true meaning of relationships, values, and artful experiences. Mars will be leaving harmony loving Libra and into “let’s get real” Scorpio, it’s […]