April 2024

Aries/Libra eclipses (Full Moon in Libra was on March 25th) and the total Solar eclipse (new moon) in Aries on April 8th

 April is here and Spring has sprung! The sun entered Aries March 19th/20th depending on where you live in the world. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are starting to wake up and shake off the Winter energies, and feel a sense of aliveness returning. In my little corner of the world the chirping of the birds wakes me in the morning, and throughout the day I see many neighbors out for a walk without a jacket in the sunshine. Personally, I feel an internal fire being ignited and inspiration flowing. Very appropriate for what we have going on this month. 

The biggest talk of the town for Astrologers all over the world are the Aries/Libra eclipses (Full Moon in Libra was on March 25th) and the total Solar eclipse (new moon) in Aries on April 8th. Let’s not forget that our planet Mercury is also in retrograde motion most of this month (April 1st-25th).  Another couple of highlights which I will offer more detail in this report are, Venus and Mars movements, and a Scorpio full moon (April 23rd). Let’s dive in! 

Right out of the gate on April 1st Mercury in Aries stations retrograde while the Moon transits the sign of Capricorn creating a brief square the planets in Aries and a trine to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. That means tension runs high, anything goes, and it could be bigger than life! Mercury in Aries is a fast talker, quick thinker, and can process information at the speed of light. When Mercury is retrograde in Aries, we have a tendency to speak over others and not allow much space for them to be heard. This often results in a breakdown in communication, hurt feelings, and explosive arguments. The light side of this Mercury retrograde is that it could bring back conversations and situations from the past that need to be dealt with quickly instead of overthinking them. It is a perfect time to “make a decision and adjust along the way”. Keep your sense of humor too! The thing I love most about Mercury in Aries, whether direct or retrograde, is that often we can let things go as quickly as they were said or done. Watch for people to be a bit more combative at this time, due to misunderstandings and missing information. Remember that not everything is as it appears to be when Mercury is retrograde, so your “weapon” of choice should be to ask questions first. However I have a feeling there will be quite a few conversations that will feel like we “shot first” or were shot at first. Assumptions may run amuck here. Just saying…

Venus in Pisces canoodles (conjunct) Neptune on April 2nd and 3rd offering us a chance to access dreamy, creative, and empathetic qualities in relationships, finances, or values. It is easy to have “rose-colored-glasses” during this time, so a word of caution if you feel you have just had a fated encounter. This is a great time to carve out some creative time or sing the praises of yourself and others. Appreciation goes a long way. If you have been dealing with tensions in your relationships, then now you could find creative solutions to soothe the tensions and get realigned. You may find that a personal or professional partner needs your help and empathy. Need solutions to a complex problem or nagging question?! See if you can carve out some space and take advantage of some form of romance, creative endeavor, or enjoy some daydreaming where the field of infinite possibilities awaits you! 

After Venus plays with Neptune, she moves into the fast and furious sign of Aries on April 5th. I believe the “Fast and Furious” franchise is a perfect example of Venus in Aries. Fast cars, hot tempers, exciting personalities, and a mile a minute heart pumping action is what gets Venus in Aries excited. During Venus’ transit through Aries we may have a desire for new adventures, meet new people, take on new challenges. We often find ourselves in pursuit of more excitement in our relationships and what we value. The caution is that we can be quite impulsive in our spending as we are trying to create these experiences for ourselves. (Remember: Mercury is retrograde- not a great time to buy new, but if you do get a warranty! Check the fine print!) We can easily be tempted to jump into a new relationship that seems to fire up our jets. Not a great time for this unless you are just looking for a clandestine romance. If you are looking for something more long-term and meet someone you think could be this person, then keep in mind you probably won’t have the whole story about them until after Mercury has gone direct. Keep it light and fun and flirty, and just have fun. Venus in Aries you may feel more self directed, ready to invest in yourself, and have courage and confidence to interact with others which can lead to opportunities.

What a perfect time for a new moon Solar Eclipse huh? Three days after Venus rushes head first into Aries, we have the Sun and Moon canoodling (conjunct) with the North Node in Aries creating our new moon eclipse for this Aries/Libra eclipse season. Consider what may have been taking place for you 9 ½ years ago and 19 years ago. Similar themes can arise now which you get to work with. Often eclipses usher in some form of chaos or crisis that is beyond our control or planning. They are often dramatic in some way and with this being a new moon in Aries we are certainly going to feel the fiery nature of this strong, assertive, independent, and courageous sign. During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and

temporarily blocks our view of the Sun. This energy often has a nervous feeling to it and we can feel the energies of an eclipse weeks before and after the actual event. There is often an eerie feeling we just can’t put our finger on and our anxiety levels can ramp way up. We know that change is inevitable, but it is nerve wracking when we cannot really plan for what it might be. Many times around eclipses external forces exert themselves into the equation and force us to deal with something that we may not have seen coming. For example, someone you are in a relationship with may announce they are done with the relationship, or that they have to take a job that forces you to move to a place you didn’t consider or want to live. Not every situation will be bad. You may be moving out of one neighborhood for one that feels better to you, or if wanting a child, find out you are pregnant.

The solar eclipse not only has the Sun and Moon canoodling (conjunct) but Chiron our “Wounded Healer” asteroid cuddling as well. In mythology, Chiron was a gifted teacher, but had a wound that never healed. Hence why healing is a journey not a destination. This eclipse is going to offer us the opportunity to choose if we want to heal or harm with the way we assert what we want and need. We may be fighting for our independence and need for freedom in a particular area of our lives that we have felt stuck. We may quickly decide it is time to start living life on our terms and that means situations and people may get left behind. The question to keep asking is “Who is speaking and acting louder here, my wounding or my inner teacher?” 

A couple of days after the eclipse on April 10th, Mars will make an exact conjunction to Saturn in Pisces. We may feel like a bit of an internal tug-of-war going on when these two get together. Mars wants to fight for a cause, while Saturn wants to stop and test the waters before diving in. We can capitalize on these two dance partners by tempering our impulses, and allowing space for something magical to happen. Mars can give Saturn just enough push to get something going that may have otherwise taken too long and become fallow.

If you felt as though you were holding your breath through the first part of the month, April 11th could cause a big sigh of relief as Mercury joins the Sun marking the halfway point for Mercury’s retrograde motion. There will most likely be marked moments around this time when the past comes knocking for attention and resolution. A perfect opportunity to reset any misunderstandings or misgivings, and close the door once and for good on anything that has stolen our confidence in ourselves. 

Another huge astrological event happens just as the Sun enters the sign of Taurus on April 19th. Within hours after, Jupiter and Uranus find themselves canoodling in a conjunction that hasn’t taken place since 2011. Consider what may have been shaking up to level up in your life back then. Similar themes arise now. Consider that the eclipses set the stage for us to close the book on anything holding us back from expressing our individual qualities, while deepening our authenticity. We were invited to release any toxic relationships and strengthen the relationships that bring out the best in us. This Jupiter/Uranus energy is solidifying the commitments we made to ourselves and others by setting up situations in which we can take things to the next level. Do you really want that relationship? If so, how are you going to show up when you hit a rough patch? Do you really want to live together? If so, what are you each willing to compromise to make it a happy home? Do you really want that new role or responsibility? How are you going to do it differently that sets you and others up for success?  This is a “put your money where your mouth is” time. 

We will still be feeling the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction when the moon moves into Scorpio setting up the full moon energy for the month of April. We may feel the effects of this moon with a sense of release from old hurts and wounds, and what may reveal itself at this time is a renewed sense of passion for something we can be emotionally invested in. A wonderful cherry on top shortly after when Mercury stations direct on April 25th, giving us a sense that the past is wrapped up, and that we can finally move forward unencumbered by old and outdated baggage.  

The end of April has our cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, ingressing into their home signs of Taurus and Aries. Venus at home in Taurus is ready to create greater stability and aesthetically pleasing situations in our lives, relationships, and finances. Mars in Aries is alive and well in his home sign, kicking ass and taking names with anyone or anything that might thwart the stability Venus is trying to create. After deliberate thought we may be more decisive in our actions, and enjoy bringing some more passion to our lives. May should be an exciting month as Mercury will be direct and out of shadow. Jupiter will be moving into Gemini, and many other exciting moments. Stay tuned!!! 

Happy April!