MAY 2024 – The Light and Shadow Report

May 2024

MAY 2024 Light and Shadow Report

It is Taurus/Gemini Season for the calendar month of May. We are most likely feeling energized by the things that allow our senses to come alive, and bring in the experience of manifestation so that we can learn, understand, and grow in the stages of our evolutionary process. So much happens in a short amount of time, and yet we are most likely feeling the after effects of the Aries/Libra eclipses from only a few short weeks ago. Relationships, values, and finances all took a hit or got a boost in some way. We are now in the adjustment phase. As soon as we officially enter May Venus makes a square to Pluto, creating some creative tension and possibly power struggles within our relationship dynamics. 

Although Mercury is officially direct now, we may still be wrestling with some of the mixed messages and experiences from the month of April. A dose of radical acceptance while challenging our perceptions and interpretations of reality will go a long way to clearing the path to deeper conversations that help to manifest what we truly want. The challenge is when the ego takes over and we may find ourselves pushing our own personal agenda at the expense of accomplishing the bigger picture. When the emotions run high, take a moment to ground and breathe and step back to view the situation from the outside in. 

This is a month of ACTION and action requires courage based on our value system, emphasized by Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus. Nothing gets held back here as these two planets are at home and happy. There is a little extra pep in their step which may give us just the extra energy we need to manifest desired outcomes by having courageous conversations, and taking decisive action. Not everyone may align with what we want or need, so there may be some extra effort involved to convince others to come along. However, if we can harness the Taurus energy of patience and the courageous energy of Aries, we can stand firmly on the terra firma of trust and safety within our own truth. 

A new moon in Taurus on May 7th welcomes a gentle, loving, and even dreamy quality to it, as the Sun and Moon sextile Saturn in Pisces. We can turn our attention to planting seeds of intentions for renewed commitments, cultivating relationships that create greater stability, and bringing heaven down to earth. We may decide to spend more time in nature, giving back to Mother Earth, and creating more beauty in our little corners of the world. Creative pursuits also come alive at this time. We may launch a new business, a new song, take on a new creative interest. It’s all about beauty, love, and comfort for ourselves and our loved ones. How can we make the world a more beautiful place? A place where we all feel we belong and find comfort? These are some questions we will be answering at this time. 

May 13th we have the Sun and Uranus canoodling (conjunct) in Taurus, beckoning us to stay grounded when unexpected things arise. Themes regarding conscious change in our lives, sudden flashes of wisdom and sense of purpose, and maybe an illumination of an even more authentic expression. Our unique expressions can be enlightening for those around us, and can help to build more stability in our work and relationships. I would venture to say that many of us will have an ah-ha moment that can energize our hearts and give us greater hope in the future. 

On the 15th of the month, Mercury rushes head first into Taurus as it finds itself pausing for a moment, looking around at the landscape, and takes a deep conscious breath. Mercury in Taurus gives us permission to take our time to digest information and disseminate what we understand in a gentle and methodical way. This does not mean boring by any means. Our thoughts and conversations can have such rich texture right now, and give way to building a future that has long term stability. 

Not far behind this energy we have Venus conjunct Uranus while the Sun and Jupiter are canoodling on the 18th. This is a powerfully positive time as our desires for freedom within our relationships can energize and bless them with eternal optimism. We will be looking for ways to gain greater joy and abundance in our relationships, our sense of self, and the resources available to us to express our gifts to the world. Do watch for a bit of overindulgence at this time as the bill will come due eventually. 

The Sun makes its transit into the sign of Gemini on the 20th giving us the energy and desire to connect with others, learn about anything and everything, and share what we know to whomever will listen.  Gossip goes a long way at this time so if there is something you don’t want shared, keep it to yourself. You know that phrase, “I am telling you this because I care” is most likely going to be used, which can trigger all kinds of emotions from what follows. It’s a great time to connect with friends and family, and get together for celebrations or just for fun. If life has felt too serious, now is the time when it can get a little bit lighter. 

We are graced with the wise and expansive energy of a Sagittarius full moon on the 23rd. Adding her voice to this full moon is Venus who will have also ingressed into the sign of Gemini, and make a trine with Pluto in Aquarius. Information and ideas revealed can be quite powerful to finding solutions that may have once seemed impossible or cause for worry. We may find ourselves in conversations that unlock a truth that is important for our forward progress, or receive long awaited news of something we have been longing for. We may find the courage now to face something that scares us, so that we can deal with it and move on. I sense there will be a few pretty big announcements made at this time that can stir quite a bit of questions and send us on an adventure for answers. 

The big move this month, sets us up for a new 12 month cycle of Jupiter in Gemini. Our minds expand, our mouths can run a mile a minute, and we may gather more friends within our local community then we have had before. We could find our curiosity working overtime, and we can easily add so much new information to our plate that we can wake up one day feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. We could be craving new experiences, which may include moving to a new community or neighborhood. We may begin a role that requires us to travel locally, and speak and connect with many various people. Writing, teaching, and intellectual pursuits can pay off in the long term. Jupiter also makes a trine to Pluto right off the bat, giving our ideas and communication even more power. Powerful connections with the right people can expand our position of power, and offer more opportunities to excel at what we do. 

The calendar month closes with Mercury and Uranus canoodling (conjunct) offering ah-ha’s that cut through old, outdated ideas that no longer serve us. This jolt isn’t always easy to deal with, especially if it is a piece of truth that cuts through a long held illusion. Some of us will have the experience of getting profound information from what seems other worldly, and seek ways to make it practical and tangible for others to benefit from. The energy supports sudden good news arriving at just the right time that can give us a sense of stability about a particular subject matter. Anything goes when Uranus is involved. 

AND if nothing else, this month is all about sweet, gentle, slow and steady energy that can provide the soothing balm we have needed to know that the future is brighter. 

Happy May 2024!