June 2024

We enter the calendar month of June with Gemini energy lighting up our minds. This exciting, lighthearted, and youthful energy can give us opportunities to connect and share with others the things that make our hearts sing. We can also find ourselves overwhelmed with information with Jupiter in Gemini for the next 12 months, and may need to find ways to compartmentalize it all. Thanks to Pluto in Aquarius making a trine to Jupiter, we may find the power within to communicate those boundaries and stick with them. Jupiter and Pluto can work well together to clear away obstacles that have created mental blocks and confusion. We can now find clarity and situations where we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. This is an optimal time to get your creative juices flowing again and work with creative people and things. 

The first half of June we see the Sun and Venus dancing together. With these two planets in the sign of Gemini, don’t look for dances like the Waltz or Rumba. We will be feeling more Interpretive Dances, Salsa, and the Jitterbug. The energizing masculine energy of the sign meeting with the stimulating feminine energy of Venus will keep us on our toes with all things relationship, finances, and values. We may find our conversations and connections within relationships take on a lively, creative, and fun attitude. We may be energized and attracted to intellectual stimulation and being social butterflies wherever we go. I would say that the water cooler will be a busy location at many offices, and execution of work may suffer due to all the meetings being had. Our charm is at an all time high, so if you are looking to get your way, charm the pants off of someone. As they say, “You can get more flies with honey than vinegar.”

June 3rd, Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini and our curiosity, social adeptness, agility of mind, and gossip levels are energized. Our sense of humor and quick wittiness helps to keep us out of trouble if we get caught up in a barrage of activity, especially if we created the chaos. We may find ourselves interested in learning about everything, but are reminded to take things “one bite at a time”. This is a “jack of all trades, master of none” time, where conversations can lead to sharing ideas that later become realities. Depending on where Mercury is energizing your chart, consider the activity level to ramp up 10 fold with both Mercury in its home sign and Jupiter’s expansive and benevolent energy influencing us. Distractions can be at an all time, so check in with yourself to see where you are distracting yourself out of fear of boredom, or afraid to face something that needs your full attention. We are encouraged at this time to face whatever is up for us with our full presence and have those necessary conversations. 

June 5th offers us a chance to pull within and have a little chat with ourselves about what we really think and feel. Our ideas about ourselves, what we want and need to be the best versions of ourselves, and what is most important to us. Relationships and values will be particularly emphasized at this time, as Venus continues to canoodle with the Sun in Gemini. We may be having conversations with loved ones where the facts stare us right in the face, and we are forced to face the truth about people and situations. This is emphasized by the trine aspect between Jupiter and Pluto at this time. Use the Gemini energy to keep your mind and emotions agile as information is shared. As one of my teachers says, “Blessed are the flexible for they are never bent out of shape.”  

June 9th Mars enters Taurus, creating an immediate square to Pluto activating our ambitious nature, and forcing us to decide how we want to manifest the things we desire most in our lives. Some of the underlying motivation for taking action could come from fears being revealed or stirred up. The wrestling match will not be for the faint of heart, and we will know we achieved victory when we have faced our fears and fully integrated the new reality that is offered. We can use this energy to develop a new, stronger relationship with personal power and what it means to wield it. No more diminishing ourselves for the sake of others, and yet we aren’t about having power OVER someone or something but finding power WITHIN. This is a fertile time for enjoying the pleasures of life when we take our time to appreciate the little things that take time to grow. We will need to pay attention during Mars’ transit through Taurus of our stubborn, one track mind tendencies. We may become so fixed on how things should be, or the way we want them to show up that we lose the capacity to see other possibilities that may be better for us. The manifestations we desire most can be revealed at this time if we are willing to pay attention to when our fears and insecurities are triggered, especially about what we need to survive, and then respond based on the resources available to us vs react. 

June 17th- Mercury and Venus make their move into nurturing, loving, protective, and family oriented Cancer. When these two planets hold hands and walk or rather shuffle (Crabs) into the sign of Cancer our thoughts and communication within relationships and what we value become more about intimacy, nurturing what we love most, and being much more sensitive to exterior energies. We have a tendency to take things more personally during this time, and words definitely hold a lot of value. If someone says something, we may attach ourselves to the story and believe every word as a new world is created. We could find ourselves mothering someone or something, motivated (Mars in Taurus) by the desire to show someone how much we care about them. Do watch for manipulation or passive aggressive tactics to show up in order to get our way. This can easily be triggered by moodswings or feeling emotionally sensitive with Venus in Cancer, and interactions in our relationships. It will be easy for us during the Cancer energy to attach to a particular story or need, stop at nothing to get it, and then become so attached that codependency or long-suffering becomes a new pattern to untangle from. 

Further emphasizing the Cancer energy, the Sun moves into Cancer on June 20th, Summer Solstice, giving us the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  We could find ourselves more sentimental than usual, energized by spending time with family and friends, finding cozy and safe places to express our caring and nurturing nature, and giving to others a lot more than usual. We must pay attention to self-care during this time, as this will be important for keeping our tanks full of energy so that we have more to give. Many of us will be spending time by water sources, and soaking up some sun on the sand. This is a lovely time to express the more tender emotions, and make commitments to others you feel safe and can trust. Our intuition is at an all time high, so pay attention when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, or you get a “gut feeling” about something or someone. There is a reason, and while it may take a moment for more information to be revealed, if we tune into the element of water and stay receptive, we will be able to take appropriate action from a fully formed picture. 

A short two days after the Sun moves into Cancer, the Moon in Capricorn (Cancer’s ruler) will form an opposition, setting us up for a full moon day. June 21st/22nd holds the potential for us to take actions or have conversations that reveal more of what we want to achieve in our relationships and the influence we have on people and things in our lives. Consider the intentions set at the beginning of the year during the Capricorn new moon, and see what has manifested since then. If we haven’t accomplished it all, or at least been making progress, then we may decide on new ways to get what we want. Mercury and Mars will be in a trine aspect during this full moon further encouraging and motivating us to speak to what we want and stopping at nothing to achieve it. 

Themes regarding relationships that are grounded and feel good to us will dominate the second half of the month as Mars and Venus will sextile each other in compatible earth and water signs, Cancer and Taurus. We should find ourselves desiring and attracted to those who appreciate our caring and nurturing nature, and opportunities to give to others in practical and emotional ways. Triggers around money and what we need to feel secure, can come up during this time creating opportunities to find resourceful ways of manifesting exactly what we need. There is a sensual, magnetic, and flirtatious energy during this time. Singles, go to those family gatherings, hang out with friends, or let others play matchmaker for you.  Bonded relationships receive an extra dose of nurturing the things you both care about most, and the bedroom becomes a playful place to help each other feel even more intimate and loved than before. Our senses will be super heightened at this time, and we can find ourselves exploring every inch of another in deep and meaningful ways. 

The month of June kicks off with all kinds of connections, gathering information, and flirtatious energy, and finishing with a sense of feeling at home and deeply connected to those we love and care for. We can find a deeper appreciation for the little things in life that put a smile on our face, and joy in our hearts. 

Happy June everyone!