July 2024

It’s Cancer and Leo season in the month of July, and when these two signs of fire and water meet we are sure to see fireworks or at least something new and exciting could be birthing. Consider that sunlight shining on water along with some nutrients will naturally create and form algae. A life form that can evolve and grow. We too can take the energies of the Sun (life force) and the nurturing, reflective qualities of the Moon (the womb) and give our intentions and desires enough attention to grow and evolve. Staying in the flow will be important as we continue to use the constancy of the Sun and the ever-changing phases of the Moon to ride the emotional waves that will occur.

No day will be the same, and each moment offers a new energy in forming and shaping the next experience. The overarching theme this month will be to tap into our intuition and harness the ah-has that occur when we receive the sensations in the body, the sudden visions, or the thought forms that arise like a movie playing on a screen. We will have planetary support and influence throughout the month, culminating at the second Capricorn full moon on the 20th of July. More thoughts and interpretation on this as I progress through the month.

The key takeaway this month is that everyone will most likely be more emotional than usual, which if we aren’t grounded and aware can sweep us away in a torrent of reactivity. We could mistake our emotional state as a fixed reality, and manifest our fears and insecurities instead of meeting them and integrating them. However, if we can stay grounded and remember that our emotions are powerful tools for manifesting the realities we most desire, then feeling and harnessing these emotions can lead us towards experiences that give us new life and hope. We can go through great healing and transformation as we feel our way through this month’s experiences, and if willing to face some of our deepest fears can find a sense of who and what home really means. Trust can take on a whole new level, and we can begin to take action from a forward-facing mindset instead of being driven by fear of repeating the past.

We immediately kick off July with Mercury entering the sign of Leo, creating an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius. We may find the courage to face some deeper truths and realizations, that remind us when we lead with our hearts instead of our heads, we can manifest our deepest desires. I am reminded of the two key principles of manifestation. We can truly manifest our heart’s desires when our intention is to do no harm to anyone else, nor deprive another. Use the start of this month to visualize specifically what you want to manifest. Desire it. Feel it. Give yourself permission to see it as already done. Then let go of the timing and the how it will be accomplished. Let the universe do the rest.

This is also a time when our intuition will be super heightened and the insights we receive will be doubly powerful. Dismiss nothing, while letting go of interpretation until you receive all of the information. Remember that intuitive hits often give us the “cosmic breadcrumbs” to follow down a pathway that step by step reveals the whole picture. We may feel like a psychic sleuth as we investigate each insight and allow the totality of what will be revealed to assist our decision-making process.

Shortly after Mercury dances with Pluto, we have a Cancer new moon on July 5th. This new moon also involves relationship-oriented Venus in Cancer as she will be in a close enough conjunction to the Sun and Moon to have some say in where our energy may be stirred. The thing I love most about new moons is the monthly reminder that we can quiet ourselves for a moment, revisit ourselves and our lives, and reset the energy as needed. The new moon in Cancer reminds us to cherish the people and things that mean the most to us, and express our gratitude and love through nurturing, emotionally connecting, and bringing comfort and beauty. Around this new moon time, we have a brief square between Venus and Chiron, offering us opportunities for greater healing when we are reminded that courage to be ourselves leads us to greater feelings of freedom and true connection with others.

July 11th invites us to turn our attention towards more playfulness and lighthearted activities with those we love, as Venus makes her move into Leo. The brief square to Pluto in Aquarius may create some dynamic tension between our desires and the reality within our relationships. We could be challenged with what we want versus what we have and find ourselves in a bit of a temper tantrum state. We may also face a power dynamic within our closest relationships, where tempers could fly and hearts could be wounded. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, take some time out to regroup, self-soothe, and ground. Then see if you can play the Observer and view the situation from the outside in. A change of perspective can be a healing salve.  If we can allow whatever gets stirred up to be a driving force for deeper truth to emerge, we can engage in powerful conversations and situations that give us clarity for next right action. We may use this time to face certain truths about ourselves and the ways we have sabotaged our relationships in the past. This could be a beautiful time to reset things and choose to do things differently than before. Don’t curse the tension as tension can be a propulsive force for breakthroughs that take us to the next level of our evolution. Not all tension is bad either. We could be manifesting our deepest desires in our relationships, and then faced with that fear of “When is the other shoe going to drop?” or “Is this too good to be true?” Often these questions start a self-sabotaging cycle. So instead of worrying if things are going to fall apart one day, use this time to be in gratitude. Remind yourself that you do deserve good things, and you put in your dues for it.

We will feel a building of energy with action planet Mars making its move closer and closer to the “Great Severer” planet Uranus in Taurus starting early July and feeling the crescendo on the 15th of the month. We could experience groundbreaking ah-has that incite action and require a fearless approach to whatever shows up. As the “Great Severer” that Uranus is we may receive sudden news or have to take action that causes us to cut ties with something or someone that no longer serves us. However, with Uranus involved we may be less concerned with other people’s opinions of our choices and feel the empowerment of living life on our own terms. Mars gives an added boost of confidence and courage to do what needs to be done so that we can continue to embody our most genuine and authentic selves. On a global perspective, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear of earthquakes, mudslides, or volcanic eruptions at this time.

July 20th may find us howling at the full moon in Capricorn. This is our second full moon in Capricorn of the month and will signal a completion or fulfillment of themes we may have experienced or expressed at the first Capricorn full moon on June 21st. This full moon has an increased energy pushing us towards feelings of accomplishment and greater self-awareness. Boundaries will also be a theme during this full moon, and we will need to decide if new boundaries need to be made or reset our current ones. We could feel the intensity of this full moon through our emotional bodies, as some of us may let go of people and situations that no longer line up with our idea of what success means to us. We may stop at nothing to declare who we are and the legacy we want to leave behind. We want to be seen, and we want others who are influential in our lives to see us and appreciate us.

This is further emphasized by Mars entering the sign of Gemini just after the climax of the full moon, giving us boost of energy in the mental realm. Our minds will most likely be moving a mile a minute, bursting with ideas and desire to put those ideas into actions. Our minds and tongues will be sharp with all kinds of information, and we will want to connect and share with anyone who will listen. Creativity gets an extra boost when we are collaborating with others who share a similar mindset and stay curious to possible outcomes. The downside during this time is that lack of commitment or fear of boredom could become motivating factors for incomplete projects or open-ended relationship status. Too many choices become overwhelming during this transit, which could lead to procrastination and scattering of resources and focus. Use the Mars in Gemini transit to gather as much information as you can and put your “money where your mouth is.”

July 22nd the Sun enters jovial, fun-loving, flamboyant, and fiercely loyal Leo. Sun in Leo is highly creative and is energized by optimism and opportunities to be self-expressive. When the Sun is in Leo we have a tendency to enjoy the spotlight and attention a little more than usual. As the Sun enters Leo, it will be in a sextile aspect to Mars in Gemini and opposition to Pluto in Aquarius, giving us a huge boost of energy. For the days that follow, we may be “kicking ass and taking names”, feeling more competitive, confident, and assertive to get what we want most. Positivity and lightheartedness rule the days ahead, and being charming will most likely sway even the most stubborn of personalities. I am loving the Sun and Mars sextile as a perfect example of positive energy our Olympic Athletes. A sextile aspect requires effort when given an opportunity, and the Sun/Mars sextile desires to play fair and by the rules. I sense we will see and hear about quite a few inspirational, courageous and sportsmanlike stories coming from these 2024 Olympic Games. On a personal note, I want to encourage all of us to play the “look for a miracle” game during these times. Personally, I like playing that game any time, but I intuit the “miracle game” will be even more powerful during the Sun/Mars sextile transit, especially as Mars makes its move closer to Jupiter in August.

July 26th Mercury makes its move into its home sign of Virgo and will be entering shadow early August. Mercury in Virgo invites precision and direction when giving instructions, processing information, and sharing ideas. While Mercury is in Virgo we will have further emphasis of all things creative, and getting things done. We can make real progress at the beginning of this transit, if we can put our attention on the things that matter most and not get stuck in analysis paralysis. Perfection can lead to consternation and complaints, which would put others off to supporting us and our ideas. Relationships can benefit from using discrimination in conversations and decisions, especially knowing the right time of when and what we say to another.  When Mercury is in Virgo, it will be easier to find fault in everything. In relationships, criticism can lead to hurt feelings and resentment, while constructive feedback can lead to teamwork and growth in the connection. Communication is king when it comes to healthy relationships, so use this time with Mercury in Virgo to communicate what you ultimately want and need. You will have time to revisit it, strengthen it, and clarify as the days go on.

Happy July!!!