Success and Desire

Desire and Success go hand in hand, as they blend the perfect yin and yang for manifestation. Success can be defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose”…the yin…an particular outcome that has nothing to do. Success just IS. Desire for that particular accomplishment is the fuel that drives us. Desire is the yang that ignites the passion within to get us out of inertia and into action. Without desire we would not feel the need or inspiration to accomplish anything, thereby success would seem useless and non-beneficial. Desire is also the birth of creation and is formed from a place of emptiness.

Desire is not evil, but a necessary ingredient for any form to take shape. It is only the obsession or rigidity in the way the form manifests can create the difficulties and disappointments we often bump up against, thereby giving desire a bad reputation. When we desire a particular experience and invite the energy that created our forms to partner with us, we invite in the unknown to reveal the materials we need in order to produce a tangible form. This is the dance, the integration of the yin/yang principle in a raw and primal form.

Today, let your desire fuel your passions and create opportunities for success to emerge. We are in a time where we need more desire and passion. Too much complacency has set in and atrophy has taken over in our energetic, mental, and emotional worlds. I want to know…what do you desire? Begin to co-create success from that place!

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