January 2020- A set up we won’t forget

January 2020 offers us some powerful themes…preparation, building foundations, erecting new structures, and power to name a few. We have been feeling the raw power of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn for quite some time. This energy doesn’t ask twice or nicely if we are ready to transform or rid ourselves of an old structure that no longer serves. We have been forced by external circumstances to surrender to the things we cannot control, and play by rules we didn’t really have a say in making. I would venture to say that January brings us to a place where we will start to make the rules to our game of life, and take on a “never surrender” attitude for the things we believe in so deeply.

As Mars enters into Sagittarius on the 3rd, we may feel the influence of this power planet by declaring our stance on certain issues, and begin to kick ass and take names as we begin our new year’s resolutions or plans. This energy and attitude can create power struggles with others who do not carry the same belief systems or philosophical ideology, and we may find ourselves agreeing to disagree or walking away completely from someone or something. On the other hand, Mars’ influence can help to create initiation out of inertia in a particular area of our lives. We really can’t ask for better support in implementing our long range goals and desires.

On January 7th, Jupiter will canoodle the South Node in Capricorn, offering us an opportunity to revisit something or someone from our past, tap into our natural gifts and lean on them for expanded support in our endeavors, or take a higher perspective to old patterns. Jupiter and the South Node are in close enough orb to a trine with Uranus in Taurus, that we may feel a restlessness within us that motivates us to get out of our comfort zones, and do something different than we have done before. It is a great time to take a risk, and see what boomerangs back. This is especially true as we head into a full moon in Cancer weekend, and the forever talked about Capricorn stellium of 2020.

The Cancer full moon on the 10th is nothing to dismiss, and we most likely wouldn’t be able to avoid it even if we wanted to. This full moon comes with the power packed punch of an eclipse. Eclipses are significant moments in time that trigger what feels and appears to be fated events in our lives. As this eclipse is in emotional, Moon ruled Cancer, we are most likely going to feel a letting go of something related to home, family, where we put our roots, or something or someone we have been holding onto from our past. This eclipse is the bookend for our July eclipse last year. Take a moment to reflect on what was started at that time, as we may find a sense of completion now. Another thing to note in regards to this full moon eclipse is that the Sun in opposition to the Moon will be canoodling with our communication, information, and mental acuity planet Mercury at 18 degrees in Capricorn. This energy could breathe new life into something we have been mulling over for some time, and begin the building process for long term success. The number 18 in numerology reduces to the single digit of 9, offering more support for ending a cycle and preparing for a new one to begin. Letting go of the situation, idea, or person, could open the door for something even better than we imagined. This is further emphasized by the powerful and transformational conjunction of our heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn. Twenty-two (22) is the most powerful of all numbers, as this energy is able to turn lofty dreams into realities. It is confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined, which describes the Capricorn energy to a tee. If we look at our individual charts, and the houses the Sun and Moon will be sitting in, we can see where this energy may affect us the most. The invitation is to honor our feelings, and channel them into creating a constructive and beneficial reality for ourselves and our community.

Another significant moment to pay attention to during this particular weekend will be the direct movement of Uranus our Great Awakener and Higher Consciousness planet. Uranus in Taurus is inviting us to wake up to the value we place on our resources, possessions, material goods, physical bodies and surroundings, and sources of income. During this particular weekend, we may have let go of something significant and turn our attention towards how we can better offer ourselves and our resources to the greater good. While Uranus was in retrograde motion, we were doing the internal work. We are now ready to share with others our ah-ha’s, and the steps we are ready to take to implement them. Uranus carries a rebellious and restless energy to him, which offers us more support for creating the change we say we want. Of course there is always a caution flag that needs to be waived when Uranus is involved. We need to check in with ourselves about the source of this rebellion. If our egos are not kept in check, we could create a revolution that incites war instead of collaboration. This is further exasperated with Mars in Sagittarius qunicunx Uranus. Mars could be whispering in Uranus’ ear the “my way or the highway” speech, creating dogma, stubbornness, and unyielding perspective. Reminding ourselves that our way is not everyone’s way, and that we all play a role in this collective energy field can help to channel this rebellion towards useful solutions.

Falling on the heels of the intense full moon weekend, our beloved, Goddess and planet Venus moves into her exalted sign of Pisces. Venus is quite happy in compassionate, dreamy, psychic Pisces, and is more than thrilled to attract people and situations that offer kindness, support, and a soothing touch. After the storm, we could find ourselves with just what we hoped and wished for to build a new future in the way we have been dreaming about. When Venus is in her higher vibrational sign, she offers us the the meaning of love at the highest level. It is a perfect time to attract new love into our lives, and expand the love we share with others.

January 17th Mercury moves into the air sign of Aquarius, offering us even more psychic and intellectual information. Aquarius energy can be quite fixed in its view on things, and offers strong opinions about a variety of subject matters. We may communicate quite clearly and matter-of-factually to ourselves and others where we stand on certain issues, our commitments, or ideas. The information given or received could trigger a sudden ah-ha moment. We may be given shocking news, or receiving a piece of information that completes the puzzle we have been trying to solve in our lives. This placement of Mercury can assist us with signing contracts, making agreements for a higher purpose, or offering clarity. While Mercury speeds through Aquarius, it would be best advised to take full advantage of the sudden opportunities that arise. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith or a risk right now. With Mercury in this position, logic will rule the day, offering greater support from others. Your decisions will just make sense. Another reason to act now is that later in February, Mercury will start its first retrograde motion of the year, and give us a chance to revisit and refine the themes that come up now.

January 20, 2020 the Sun moves into Humanity loving, higher minded, rebellious, and eccentric Aquarius. The significance of the numerological set up should be given some attention. The number 20 reduces to the number 2, energizing partnership, blending of the masculine and feminine, and producing unity from the separateness of the individualization of the number 1. When adding the date in its entirety, the single digit is a 7. Considered the number of perfection in ancient texts, the number 7 also carries the qualities of Aquarius to a tee. Spiritual, intelligent, analytical, focused, introspective, studious, intuitive, knowledgeable, contemplative, serious, persevering, and gracious. Here we have the Sun in detriment, where it is not able to shine at full force in Aquarius. However, what may appear externally as lacking power, can energize us from the inside out, and give us the life force needed to make the greatest impact in our lives and our communities. The Sun will be standing across the sky from Uranus giving us what we desire for integrating our talents, ideas, and gifts within a group, organization, or community that is in alignment with our values.

This is a perfect set up for our new moon in Aquarius on January 24th, inviting us to look at how we can give back to others to better their lives. We may see the launch of new technological and scientific advances extending the quality of our lives, or new space exploration or groups focused on space being formed. Individually this is a time when seeding our dreams and exploring the dream world can offer insights that we didn’t have previously.

We finish the month with the Moon, Venus, and Neptune canoodling in Pisces. When these feminine planets get together in this sign, there is little doubt that we may be feeling and attracting more love than ever before. While rose-colored glasses can be a huge caution at this time, it is more important to allow yourself the gift of being lost even for a moment in love. There is a euphoric energy to this day and the two days that follow, and if we desire to become love itself, why not experience love at every level? Let’s give ourselves permission to get swept away for a day. Afterall we have certainly earned it. This year’s energy is not going to be light and fluffy most of the time, so when we receive these kinds of moments, we can use it to re-energize our weary selves, saturate our love muscles, and revitalize our desires for life and love. It will no doubt help us to keep going just when we think we can’t. Trust me when I say that the rewards are coming, and this month will set us up beautifully if we can utilize the theme downloaded to me in mediation on New Year’s Eve. The metaphor 2020 is something we associate with sight and perspective, “hindsight is 20-20…perfect vision is 20/20”…maybe we can learn from our past and see our present moment and future with clarity.”

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! #astrology #2020 #january #Capricorn #eclipse #Cancer #newmoon #fullmoon