October 2019- Celestial Wisdom

October’s Celestial Wisdom offers themes of beauty, balance, harmony, magic, deep truth, power, and penetrating conversations that can offer a gift way beyond our wildest dreams.

As we begin the month, our rule making, authority figure, time and gate keeper, Saturn in Capricorn has moved out of its 5 month retrograde period and is now moving full force ahead. However, Saturn is not a fast moving planet like Mercury who will retrograde at the end of this month. Consider Saturn much like the large Naval Carriers who cut through the open seas in a strong, slow, and calculated way. They have set their sights on where they need to go, navigated their course with precision, and have the ability of putting their targets within striking distance of their goals. Saturn in our lives is determined to make sure we too have set our sights on the long game, set our course, and with effort and hard work can achieve our goals. The greatest challenge that Saturn throws our way is this concept of time, and when Saturn is retrograde we may have felt that time has slowed down or even come to a stop altogether. Now that Saturn is moving direct once again, we should begin to feel the strength and determination of our hearts and minds returning. Watch now, as those who may have felt sluggish or unmotivated in the last few months, now appear as though they have a renewed sense of determination, are more focused, and ready to take on anything attitude.

Adding to that motivated, success driven attitude is a renewed sense of power, and a deeper understanding of ourselves, after October 2 when Pluto stations and moves direct. Pluto is a powerful change agent that requires transformation through surrender as the offering for a more authentic expression of truth for ourselves. We cannot say that we want to be the truest versions of ourselves and continue to think and behave in false ways. Pluto changes us by putting us through a death and rebirth experience, a “long, dark night of the soul.” Pluto’s influence in our lives is the most profound of all because Pluto requires nothing less than a total and complete transformation from one way of being to another. This psychological process during which we often feel we are in meltdown or “lost in the dark,” not knowing what we are to become or what life will be like when we emerge can be one of the most stressful and difficult passages we will ever face. The way to move through Pluto’s process is to surrender into the deep trust in the ways of nature and in oneself. It requires letting go of that which needs to pass away and allowing the new to come forward, without knowing what is to come. This is terrifying for those of us, who want to be in control, and this need to be in control can lead to out-of-control behavior, addictions and power struggles, both within and without. But does it have to be this way? Not really. Not if we learn to let go of control and allow change to pass through our lives. When Pluto was retrograding these past few months, we may have felt powerless in certain areas of our lives. Now that Pluto is direct again, you may regain a sense of power in that particular area of your life. For example, Pluto transiting your Sun might mean the death of your old core identity and some time spent in meltdown as you try to figure out who you are becoming, followed by emergence of a new identity that feels more authentic and true than ever before. October may show you signs of this renewed authentic self, who will be ready to shine in your full glory.

If Saturn and Pluto moving back into their full power wasn’t enough, Mars our planet of drive, motivation, and initiation dances his way into social, relationship loving Libra. While Mars’s status in Libra is considered detriment, this can be of great benefit to us as we may soften the rough edges to our communication and actions. Mars in Libra can allow more collaboration and opportunities for equal exchange of energy in various situations. Situations and relationships that may have felt tense, unbalanced, or lackluster can now come back into alignment. However, it is true as well, that Mars in Libra can create extremes, and we may find ourselves in all or nothing situations. Those of us who have been working through major relationship themes may end up having that ultimatum conversation. No more compromising the non-negotiables is a good theme to capitalize on when Mars is in Libra.

Driving the idea of “all or nothing” deeper into our psyche is Mercury jogging into Scorpio on October 3rd. The same day Pluto settles back into direct motion. In Mythology Mercury was the Messenger God who could move in and out of the heavens and down to earth delivering messages from the gods to humans, and guided souls to the underworld. Mercury was also a skilled craftsman and trickster. Mercury will be in Scorpio, the sign that rules the underworld for a long marathon of 67 days. Its slow jog through this deeply penetrating sign will include a retrograding motion at the end of the month and most of November, where we can be easily tricked into thinking that something is gone, never to return again. However, a common theme when Mercury is retrograde is themes and people from our past return for us to revisit with them. Mercury in Scorpio may resurrect a past conversation, past relationships, or past situation that will need a new solution. Remember that Pluto the planet of death and rebirth is the God of the Underworld and Mercury is guiding us into the transformative, Scorpionic waters to face the unknown in a brand new way. We cannot solve a problem the same way it was created. We may have to face an old fear so that truth can be the honey that drips from our lips. One of my teachers made the statement, “Fear is the fare we pay to get to the truth.” Mercury in Scorpio for 67 days will guide us into the deepest parts of our psyche, invite us to find truth in situations, and face our fears. We cannot be authentic with others until we are authentic with ourselves. Use this month prior to Mercury moving retrograde to dive deep into your core and speak to what is true about yourself. This will anchor you during the retrograde period, and give you a voice that others can trust. Intimacy will also be a big theme as we can find deep connections with others when we choose to speak from a place of authenticity. This place of truth creates safety and trust, which are two key elements for a truly intimate connection.

A further emphasis on creating a safe space where intimacy, vulnerability and deep connection with others can take place will be when Venus moves into sexy Scorpio on October 8th. Venus loves her water signs as the element of water is fluid and malleable. Venus who loves to create beauty, attract people and situations into our lives who help us feel loved, and adores pretty things should help us feel more sexy and alluring. This can help us to attract attention from admirers near and far who may go out of their way to make sure we get what we want or desire to be close to us. Venus’ transit through Scorpio also brings the element of magic with her. Venus will activate the perfect scenarios to have miracles, signs, and magic to be revealed, if we ask and stay open to them. Call upon Venus when we have moments of doubt, facing our fears, or our faith is shaken, and she will give us the gift, the antidote, the talisman, we need to succeed in any situation.

October is a month that we will be asked to level up once again, and continue to create and shape the reality we want to fully participate in. Can we choose consciously to rebel against the self imposed patterns that have kept us stuck in patterns that prevent us from being our true authentic selves? Let’s continue to utilize this month’s energy to become even more Evolutionary Revolutionary.