Success and Desire

Desire and Success go hand in hand, as they blend the perfect yin and yang for manifestation. Success can be defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose”…the yin…an particular outcome that has nothing to do. Success just IS. Desire for that particular accomplishment is the fuel that drives us. Desire is the […]

January 2020- A set up we won’t forget

January 2020 offers us some powerful themes…preparation, building foundations, erecting new structures, and power to name a few. We have been feeling the raw power of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn for quite some time. This energy doesn’t ask twice or nicely if we are ready to transform or rid ourselves of an old structure […]

October 2019- Celestial Wisdom

October’s Celestial Wisdom offers themes of beauty, balance, harmony, magic, deep truth, power, and penetrating conversations that can offer a gift way beyond our wildest dreams. As we begin the month, our rule making, authority figure, time and gate keeper, Saturn in Capricorn has moved out of its 5 month retrograde period and is now […]