“We will never be the same”- April 2020 Celestial Wisdom

First of all, I want to thank those who are working on the front lines to fight the Covid-19 Virus, risking their lives, and being of great service to so many. To all the essential employees, the families and community who support them…My deep gratitude and prayers are with you.

The other morning I awoke with a somber feeling inside of me. I felt called to listen to Gregorian Chanting, and felt a “call to arms.” A battle in every sense is upon us. We are fighting not only on a physical level, but our spiritual, emotional and mental levels are being tested. I am constantly asked, “How do I stay positive in such negative times?” The answer is not a simple nor prescriptive one. Many of us are doing what we can in our own ways. We do not live in a reality where there is no pain or suffering. We live in a dualistic world that begs us to integrate, not negate. We cannot orphan our negative feelings or abandon the weaker or shadow side of ourselves or life. We must do what we can, however we can. I continue to explore, “How can I make what could be a weapon against me into a tool of greater self-awareness and channel it into an act of service?”

April opens with HUGE opportunities to find the willpower, strength, fortitude, innovation, and truth we may be seeking. We begin with Mars and Saturn canoodling in Aquarius and Jupiter and Pluto having a love/hate affair in Capricorn. Jupiter is amplifying whatever Pluto brings to the surface. It could be hidden opportunities that find answers we didn’t have. We may find a new sense of power where we once felt powerless. We may be faced with a situation from the past that is suddenly resurrected without any consent or control of our own. We have to deal with whatever is right in front of us, screaming at us. Where do we look? We take the Saturn in Aquarius example of the Observer looking from the outside in, and take a moment to assess the situation. Ask the tough questions and invite an innovative way of looking at the situation to reveal itself. We can tap into Mars in Aquarius that offers courage to become the Warrior for humanity and fight for our values, fight for those who can’t for themselves, do what we can… all the while asking, “What impact will my actions have on the collective?”

The experiences we are facing right now are going to be the catalyst to reset the way we have lived our lives. There is NO WAY we will return to what we once thought was normal. Quite frankly, some things needed to be redone. Our old traditional school systems couldn’t handle the new wave of children and their behavior and learning styles. Some corporations are stepping forward and finally showing that they care more about the human beings working for them then the profit they make. Sadly, good people are suffering in the midst of this. Yes, we can move into pity or feeling helpless, or we can move into action and offer charity, goodness, and do what we can to give a little.

Relationships continue to be a dominating theme in our lives. Venus, our planet of love, beauty, harmony, values and all things regarding relationships moves into Gemini on April 3rd for a nice long stay (until August 6th-she retrogrades in May and June). The last time Venus was retrograde in Gemini was 2012. Think back to the theme at that time and notice if something similar comes up for you again. Venus’ retrograde motion creates a 5 pointed star in the solar system. When plotted geocentrically – from an Earth-centered perspective – there is a highly noticeable rhythm in the motion of Venus. After 8 years, it returns to the same place in the sky on the same date. This configuration has been tracked and observed by ancient cultures such as the Maya. It is often referred to as the pentagram of Venus. I will talk more about this during the upcoming months.

For this month, we may find that Venus in the chatty, curious, and youthful sign of Gemini will help us find new ways to relate and connect with one another as we are still under some social restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus. Many who may not have been keen about video chatting, online gatherings, or being on their phones and computers much are now seeing the essential quality of these devices in order to stay connected. We may find a greater appreciation for language, song, poetry, spoken word, or beautiful words that help us to feel at peace. We may also be attracted to learning about a particular subject or two or three. Gemini energy has a tendency to need more than one thing going on at all times. A bit challenging for those who have difficulty multitasking. This is a great time for beginning a certification, taking a class, or learning a new language.

In Tarot, Venus is associated with the Lovers. You may find yourself attracting new relationships, reconnecting with past lovers or friends, or working through relationship issues with a significant someone. Discussions and communication should take on a lighter, more flirtatious tone. This is great if you are looking for more mental stimulation or need a more youthful approach to your relationships. If you are prone to jealousy, possessiveness, or paranoia, then you may be challenged if your lover or partner is seen as being flirtatious with someone other than you.

The next big news this month is the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction falling on the heels of Venus moving into Gemini trine Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. There may be an amplified demand for new structures to be put into place regarding our financial systems, cyber securities, legal systems, or the way information is handled. Keep in mind that Saturn will be squaring off with Uranus, all leading up to the full moon at 18 degrees in Libra on the 7th so anything goes. Uranus is a wild card and whatever shows up will most likely be unplanned and unpredictable. Our nervous systems may also undergo quite a bit of activity during this time making it difficult to sleep, feel settled, or stable. It will be really important to stay grounded in our bodies, take deep breaths, practice some form of body movement, and be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Remember that a full moon is a culmination of the cycle set at the new moon in Aries last month, so whatever was started may find completion or enlightenment. It is possible that this could be the peaking point for the Covid-19, more tests made available, or even better a vaccine. Uranus the planet of sudden ah-has will be squaring off with our warrior planet Mars during this full moon as well, so anything goes. One word of caution during this particular day. We may feel particularly rebellious and desire to break free from people or things that have felt restrictive. We may be prone to losing our temper, saying things we don’t mean, or making rash decisions or actions at this time. We must pay attention to what is happening inside of us when we are confronted with something that could be unpleasant. On the other hand, it is possible that this tension between Mars and Uranus could give us the motivation we need to offer a breakthrough idea or solution.

April 11th has our fast footed friend Mercury finally out of Pisces and into fiery, passionate Aries. Mercury will have laced up its tennis shoes once again and begin running head first towards information that fires up passion, courage, and motivation to take action. Mercury should have our heads feeling less foggy and our minds sharp. We may be determined to get information out in the open so that we can connect once again to each other in a real way. We will be looking for decisive actions from leaders, travel plans to resume again, and agendas to begin to be executed. The new normal will begin to shape itself and like iron being forged we can shape our thoughts and communications in a way that supports this new reality. I will go out on a limb and offer to watch out for more shipments to be delivered by drones now, and transportation to become more automated than before.

I’d venture to say that it is around this time on our Hero’s Journey that we can draw to us a mentor or a teacher who can offer us guideposts along our way. Mercury in Aries likes the idea of thinking and making decisions on its own, however the role of a Mentor, Coach, or Teacher is to help the student harness all of that raw, untamed energy and use it in a purposeful way. This requires study, discipline, and being challenged to push beyond our comfort zones. Beware of false Teachers or charlatans, as desperate times or intense pain or chaos can create poor judgment and make us gullible. It’s important to vet out anyone who claims to be an expert or authority in their craft or teaching. A mark of a good Teacher is one who lives their values, has been through same or similar initiations, and offers a safe environment for the student to explore their edges without harming themselves or another in an unethical way.

The new moon in Taurus on April 22nd turns our attention and intentions towards the practical things that we need for comfort and stability. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and with the Father archetype canoodling with the Mother archetype in her happy place, there should be a gentle, kind, and warm feeling washing over us. We may also find ourselves more ravenous than usual during this time as Taurus energy activates our appetites and uses food and meal planning as a source of comfort. Metaphorically, we may be “hungry” for more human touch, financial stability, or spiritual pursuits that feed our souls.

We finish the month with a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Taurus that may give us sudden bursts of inspiration, find innovation to be purposeful in the way we go about our daily lives, or give up one possession for something better. Pluto in Capricorn will also retrograde this same day, sending us more internally to find the power and transformative qualities we need to implement our new ideas, relationships, or opportunities that have been revealed to us throughout the month. Further support for manifestation will come with Mercury’s move into Taurus. Mercury is slow, methodical, and determined in Taurus. This energy offers us time to chew on information and put our plans together for manifesting our thoughts into a practical form. Overall April should start out quite noisy and intense, and finish with a gentle but determined approach to the upcoming months. I am taking on the cloak of Venus in Gemini and staying curious. A lot can happen in a short amount of time.