March 2020 Celestial Wisdom- Facing fears, taking risks, value in relationships

Venus in it’s home sign of Taurus offers a beautiful and sensual time where we are able to attract what is really important to us, what we value and how we show up in relationship to all things. Granted with Mercury still retrograde as the month opens we will be looking at where we might be negotiating our non-negotiables and re-evaluate where we need to reset the boundaries. Especially as Mars is still in Capricorn establishing very clear boundaries and working hard to point out where we need to separate what is in alignment with our long term goals and what appears to be a mere distraction. We enter the month with Mercury still retrograde in Pisces and quickly moving into back into Aquarius on the 3rd until the 16th asking us to revisit the sudden moments of inspiration we received back in January/February that stimulated a higher minded thinking and invitation to think about how our individual expression and behaviors impact the greater good.

On the Hero’s journey we are being challenged with the fears and doubts of the quest ahead. We know we want to create a new reality, and we truly want to show up in a new way. However we may be wondering if we can actually show up for the challenge. We may have fears and doubts about our skills, not because we haven’t had some life experiences that have shaped us and pointed to this point, but because we haven’t had the practice yet. We also haven’t been introduced to the teacher or mentor who will help to challenge and shape us to become the best version of ourselves. And let’s face it, Life is the greatest teachers of all. We have yet to experience the things that Life itself will throw at us. However, March will give us a taste of what is coming.

When Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus and begins her 12 day canoodling with Uranus in Taurus (March 4-16th), we may be breaking all kinds of rules and barriers in relationships, finances, what we find beautiful, or what we value. This energy implies that if we have felt stuck in one of these areas, we could suddenly have a breakthrough moment. We might attract a radical, exciting relationship that awakens us to practice our values. We may find a new source that helps us to nurture and care for ourselves and others in a different way than before. Some of us may be perfectly content in our routines, relationships, or careers, and then, Wham! Someone or something comes out of left field to shake things up. For example, if you have decided that the relationship you are in is perfectly fine, a third party may suddenly tell you that they would like to explore a romance with you. Clearly you have the power of choice, but may find this to be an intrusion to your neat and orderly world. Another example could be that someone you thought was a steady, tried and true co-worker or boss, suddenly announces that they are leaving the company or taking on a different role, leaving you wondering why you didn’t see that one coming. The sudden jolt of change may come as a shock, but it isn’t there to harm us, only to help us shake off the dust and get back into the game of life.

All of this Venus/Uranus energy is happening during the Full Moon in Virgo on the 9th, followed by Mercury stationing out of retrograde motion and moving direct again in Aquarius. I wonder how many of us will have sudden flashes of insight that cuts through the fog of the past few weeks? The truth that emerges may feel shocking to some, or it may be the breath of fresh air that confirms what we were feeling all along when we didn’t have the proof just yet. There is no doubt that the Universe is conspiring on our behalf, and wants to make sure that we are fully engaged and paying attention.

Keep in mind that Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars are all in Capricorn still, and will continue to remove the things in our lives that are weighing us down. This month is a month for major detoxing, shedding weight, clearing the mind clutter, or spring cleaning. Let me remind us all that at this stage of the Hero’s Journey we are most likely facing our fears and doubts, which may cause us to hesitate when we need to take action. When we are faced with a situation like this, the invitation is to jump if the experience is in alignment with our values. I recently had a session with an amazing being who was struggling with taking a new action step that was important for their career advancement and personal growth. As we coached through it, the one question that helped to dislodge the stuck feeling around it was “What is the worst that can happen?” Suddenly the action became an invitation to make the situation ahead a grand experiment. We don’t know what we don’t know, and I can say with quite a bit of certainty that when take action there will be a reaction and a revelation of some sort. Suddenly we will have information from an experience that we didn’t have before. This information can be used towards building the next level of our reality.

While the Sun is in Pisces we may find ourselves a little more dreamy, compassionate, and spiritually minded. This is great for us to gather information, connect with our higher selves, and maybe become more receptive or introverted than usual. It’s a perfect set up for when the energy changes towards the end of the month, as we may feel more ready to take a leap of faith when the Sun moves into energetic, passionate, driven, and daring Aries on the 20th.

Our new moon in Aries on the 24th will be canoodling with Chiron and can stir up wounds that cause us to feel angry about a particular situation, cause us to feel as though we need to take action towards something that needs healing, or find that teacher who can nurture us through a particularly difficult time. Feelings of impatience, being too hasty, or taking unnecessary risks can also be activated at this new moon. A way to use this energy towards a positive outcome would be to go to the defense of someone who needs help. Tapping into our inner strength and being bold enough to speak and act on someone else’s behalf can be one of the greatest gifts we give them at this time.

The biggest talk of the town comes when our boundary setting, tradition enforcing, wisdom keeping, planet Saturn dips his toes into the eccentric loving sign of Aquarius. We may be working with issues of not fitting in, learning how to trust our friendships, and learning to trust in some of the new and progressive ways in which we deal with life. Change is inevitable, but with Saturn here, we are going to want to make sure that change is implemented responsibly. We may be facing some social barriers that have kept people separate for too long, now being redesigned and even torn down and built anew that lines up with today’s developing times. Saturn in Aquarius can suggest a strong sense of social responsibility, and no matter the size or type of group, we will want to make sure that the development of the people and processes are dealt with in a positive and responsible way. Individually, we could use this placement to form strong and friendly terms with authority figures. The caution here is that we do not fall prey to charlatans, false teachers, and those who position themselves as an expert about something they have little to no training or background. In other words, we would be wise to do our homework and vet people out before forking over our hard earned resources.

When Saturn enters Aquarius for its short time before turning retrograde in May, we will also experience Mars and Pluto canoodling in Capricorn signaling moments of forceful transformation, power struggles, daring acts of courage that can take us to the next level, or irreversible actions that have long lasting results. This particular moment in time could be just the thing we needed that will change both our inner and outer world for the better. Remember that with Pluto involved the hidden, unknown, taboo often bubbles to the surface, and with Mars involved there is no doubt it will come up like a exploding volcano. Try not to think the worst when you read this, as it could be a major breakthrough of something better than you even imagined. I have a tendency to expect the best while I plan for the worst. But hey, I am a bit of a Pollyanna that way. Whatever happens for us, there is a good indication that it will change our lives for a very long time as Mars will move into Aquarius on the 31st and canoodle with Saturn instead of Pluto. It is during this transit that we may gather all the things around us from our previous experiences and begin fighting for a particular group that needs our help, maybe the world at large. Intolerance, injustice, or suppression of freedom are big themes that can incite action within or for a particular group. We could see cyber wars, technical and scientific breakthroughs that can help society for a long time, or a new and unusual group emerge as a force to be reckoned with.

Whatever we face this month, let’s keep reminding ourselves that we are in this thing called humanity together, we can lean in and lift each other up, and that we all have value as our unique expressions are contributing to the collective. Happy March and Spring Equinox to you all!