Intuition MUST lead the way! June 2021 Celestial Wisdom

Updated: May 31, 2021

*** Disclaimer~ I am writing this blog just before Mercury stations and retrogrades. Anything goes!***

The month of June 2021 invites us to become the eye of the storm, and to find shelter from the whirling and spinning of our minds, anxiety and information by staying present in each moment, keeping our sense of humor, and providing A LOT of space and grace for ourselves and others.

Mercury Retrograde in its home sign of Gemini is bringing out both the Guide and the Trickster. Consider Mercury Retrograde a time when we question what we thought was “real” as Mercury clouds our minds, our judgments, and decision making process. Often these questions arise through circumstances outside our control, and our mind races to find an immediate solution. When a solution isn’t readily available, we can panic, get anxious, or worse, lose hope and faith in ourselves and the Universe.

This is one reason during any Mercury Retrograde I use the mantra, “Not everything is as it APPEARS to be.”

Mercury may be playing tricks in certain areas of our lives (i.e. electronics, communication, conversations, travel, how we learn) like the annoying sibling or friend trying to get a good laugh out of us. Mercury’s intention isn’t to harm us, but to remind us that our perception creates the interpretation of our reality. If we view the world against us then we will find everything wrong with it. Yet if we view the world as loving and giving us just what we need (not always what we want), we can find grace, humor, and sweet rewards. If we find ourselves on the receiving end of Mercury’s practical joke, using tools such as: grounding, humor, spaciousness, meditation, a third party to bounce opinions and ideas off of, and spaciousness will come in handy. We have some cosmic support from Saturn who is also retrograde until October making a wide trine aspect (6-8 degrees) with Mercury while it is in retrograde motion. If we tap into Saturn’s practical, grounding, realistic and disciplined approach we can fall back onto the structures within ourselves that support us. If we find ourselves caught in the stoic and more serious approach that Saturn also embodies to Mercurial tricks, we may create situations where we become depressed, get caught in negative mental loops, or get resentful and bitter towards the person or situation we perceive to have caused havoc in our lives. How we choose to respond is the power we have.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini will have us revisiting people, situations, and subject matters from our past. Consider when Mercury was retrograde in Aquarius back in February.

What themes may have arisen then? They may be back in our lives so that we can rework them and find a solution today that we didn’t have then. We may be recommitting ourselves to work, our beloved, a health regime, or belief that can support us. We may be re-evaluating our relationships and asking a lot of questions both within ourselves and of those we are in relationship with.

Mercury retrogrades are wonderful reminders to take our time and give ourselves and others a lot of space and grace to process, internalize, and let go of the logical mind and drop into the heart. This is when Mercury can become our Guide as it leads us back to our hearts so that we can listen deeply to the wisdom that resides there.

This is not the best time to start new things or make hard, fast and final decisions, as Mercury will be squaring off with Neptune as well. This aspect emphasizes an overactive imagination, which can create all kinds of fantasies only later to find out we missed important details and failed to create realistic expectations. If we find ourselves in situations where we must make significant decisions, note that they will most likely need to be revisited down the road. It is important during this time that before signing or agreeing to anything, that we ask a lot of questions and be willing to take our time before making the final decision. The statement, “Yes, and I need a little extra time to think about this.” will come in handy. Be willing to revisit any conversation or situation more than once during this month, as most actionable outcomes will need to be revisited and reworked.

If single, and presented a new dating situation, take your time getting to know the person. While both of you may want to present yourselves one way, perception can be foggy. The intention isn’t to be deceptive, but because our minds can play tricks on us at this time we can easily misconstrue what is being presented or leave things out of our conversations because our thoughts are scattered. What to do? Vet the person out, have sound advice from someone you trust, and let intuition be your guide before jumping in with both feet until after Mercury stations direct on June 22nd. If coupled and thinking about taking on a new situation or working through a new subject matter, take your time, have multiple conversations about it, and do some extensive research about it before agreeing or signing anything.

As a general rule, if we do find ourselves in a position where we have to make a decision or sign something, revisiting our values will help us to feel confident that regardless of the outcome we can have peace with ourselves.

Speaking of relationships and values, Venus, our planet of beauty, harmony, pleasure, relationships, finances, and values, makes her move into Cancer on June 2nd. Our emotions, empathy, and compassionate nature may become some of our most attractive qualities, and we can find great pleasure in giving a sense of comfort and security to ourselves and others during this time. Jupiter in Pisces will make a harmonious aspect to Venus right at the beginning of June providing us with much needed hope, optimism and faith in a particular area of our lives. Especially if we have fallen into the negative trap of Mercury’s tricks. If there is a particular situation we are seeking resolution Venus’ trine to Jupiter may give us the opportunity we have been waiting for. I can already hear many of us exhaling right around this time.

We may be traveling again, and while there could be a delay or redirection in how we get to our destinations, we could find ourselves upgraded or sharing a ride with a lovely stranger who could become a powerful connection or we have a chance to make their day by being generous at that time. We could be on the receiving end of something that gives us relief to a situation that we believed wasn’t going to get any better, or gather more information that helps us make decisions that lead us to the ultimate outcome.

Many of us will be using this time to heal old wounds in relationships, both personally and professionally. Mental and emotional well-being will be a big theme as well, inviting us all to make sure we have the support we need to feel secure and connected to our best selves.

June 10th we will have a new moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, inviting us to look within for the answers we seek. I would give this solar eclipse the mantra, “Ask and it is given; Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened.” When we are faced with a certain dilemma, often it isn’t about finding the right answer, but asking the right questions. This new moon can activate our curious minds and offer us the right questions to ask in order to receive the answers we seek. I would imagine many of us will find clarity even in the middle of the Mercury retrograde. This is the dual nature of reality and the Gemini energy. For example, if we have been wondering about a particular issue from the past that is now back for us to deal with, by asking the right questions, we can find the answers now that before were alluding us. Personally, I am excited to see what this eclipse energy will bring us, as we are still dealing and feeling the echos of the Sagittarius lunar eclipse back on May 26th.

This solar eclipse in Gemini can also set us up with two different scenarios that need our attention for the next 6 months.

We may decide to take on a new learning opportunity and experience, while continuing on the path we have been walking for a while, which will have us re-evaluating our priorities and maybe rearranging them. This is a great time to begin gathering information regarding a second home, second income, another child or pet, or additional class. Some of us will be celebrating graduations or weddings, which continues the family connection, while adding or moving into a new phase of life. This eclipse also emphasizes the importance of communication, curiosity, and connection. So if any of us have been struggling with one or more of these areas, we might decide to take a course or hire someone to help us develop greater skills in this area. We can utilize the energy of this eclipse to tackle any subject matter that may have previously been too emotional and overwhelming, now with objectivity and loving detachment. Journaling, talk therapy, recording our thoughts, and having accountability partners are wonderful, practical tools to use during this time.

The next day, June 11th, Mercury and the Sun canoodle marking the half way point of our Mercury retrograde time. This moment gives us a chance to pause, check in with ourselves, and revisit anything that may need our attention. Mars also channels his energy into the sign of Leo giving a boost of confidence to assert ourselves and stand out from the crowd. We may find ourselves thrust into the spotlight and leading in a particular situation. We may also become impulsive, forceful, or aggressive in getting what we want. The new moon in Gemini can find us planting our seeds of intention and Mars in Leo can create a scenario where we may want to force these seeds to open before they are ready. We may also find ourselves being more defensive than usual during this time, and with Venus still in Cancer, can be activated by a situation we take personally. If we want to harness the positive energy of Mars in Leo, we can channel our desires and passions into creative pursuits, those who have proven to be loyal, and continue to build confidence within ourselves by practicing the things we do really well.

A big theme with Mars in Leo is to allow our passions to be directed through the heart space where love and compassion reside. When we come from this place our actions and decisions can be great benefit to both ourselves and others.

June 14th is a big talk of the town as Saturn and Uranus square off again as they did back on February 17th. This energy of the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus culminates once again on this day, but we are under its influence all year long. Saturn’s ability to create obstacles is to strengthen our resolve, resourcefulness, and faith in our ability to rise up to any challenge and overcome it. Uranus’ response to these obstacles is find innovative ways to overcome the obstacles and create a new way in which we can progress our lives forward.

We may face another set of challenges between tradition and conformity versus innovation and reform. This kind of tension can help shake us out of status quo in a particular area of our lives. Most likely the change will feel as though it is suddenly thrust upon us, and we have little time to breathe and make a decision before being forced to react. This can be a great time as well to have a breakthrough on something that may have been restrictive to our security or physical world. I imagine with restrictions continuing to be lifted that as a collective we will want to return to whatever “normal” was before the pandemic. However, all of us have been affected in some way by this experience, and normal is quite subjective. This is a time when anything goes and we are being asked to use the wisdom and experience that Saturn gives us to respond from a place of maturity versus teenage rebellion in order to continue the progress of evolution. We can’t undo what has been done. We can’t unsee what we have seen. Saturn has hedged us in and Uranus gives us the tools to break out of the barriers. Trust in this. We are not given more than we can handle, and there is always a way out.

June 21st the Sun makes its annual move into Cancer activating the Summer Solstice and initiating the next season. The Sun will be in a harmonious aspect to Jupiter at this time energizing our faith, hope, and optimism in the future that is still being created. This can also cause us to be super sensitive and even absorb a lot of emotion from the environment around us. If we pause long enough to notice and listen deeply, we may find intuitive and hidden answers we didn’t have before. Staying grounded may be more difficult during this time as the elements of water and air will dominate this day. If we aren’t careful we could go into empathy overload or become overly emotional and send ourselves into an emotional tailspin. Taking a nap, getting our feet on the Earth, or being by a body of water will be wonderful tools for self-care and staying in our bodies.

Two days after the Sun moves into Cancer, Mercury will station direct at 16 degrees Gemini giving us a moment to exhale and regroup from the past three weeks of its retrograde motion.

Keep in mind that when a planet is retrograde and then stations direct, it needs time to wake up, shake off the sleepiness, stretch, and get moving again to full power. We may still be feeling in a bit of a daze in certain areas of our lives until the 8th of July when Mercury moves out of shadow. What we can expect is that some of the answers or clarity we may not have received during the first three weeks of June can now be revealed. I often think of this time much like the Judgment card in Tarot. The judgement card comes after the Sun in the deck, and indicates that we have passed the death and rebirth phase and are coming back to life. However, we are certainly not the same person we were before all the experiences and awareness. We may feel a little disoriented, out of sorts, or uncertain who we are now and who we connect with still. This new awareness needs time for integration and trial and error time. I say all this to offer that the last week of June could be a time where we need to move very gently and purposefully as we try out our new reality.

The Capricorn full moon on June 24th further activates this emphasis of gentle and purposeful stepping around our realities. Consider the symbol of Capricorn, the Mountain Goat. If you have ever witnessed a mountain goat climbing treacherous and dangerous crags up the side of a steep mountain, then you would see that they move with precision, purpose, and even seem to glide from one level to the next. We might find ourselves wrestling with wanting our private time and yet family, work, or social demands are ramped up. Remember that everyone is walking through something, and have been affected by the collective energy field. I will predict that this part of the month will show us where we feel most out of control (Moon will be canoodling Pluto) and force us to surrender our worries and fears to the Great Mother for comfort and security. It is through surrendering that we can find our power once again, and achieve the goals we have set out to accomplish. Surrender could show up as allowing us to receive help from others, pulling up our “big girl/boy pants” and doing what we committed to doing, or allowing the mind to stop insisting on a particular outcome and refocus on the present moment and play for the sake of playing. Neptune will also station and retrograde at this time asking us to seek more self-compassion, belief in ourselves, and staying sensitive to our spiritual nature.

As the month comes to a close, Venus will make her move into Leo on the 27th inviting us to be the stars of our own shows. We can attract attention by sharing our creative expressions for the sake of joy and playfulness. If we have been holding off on some sort of beauty make over or fashion statement, this is a great time to set it in motion and show it off. Venus’ placement here can help build confidence in our relationships, ourselves, and the the value we bring to any situation. We may find ourselves attracting people who love and adore the way we lead, shine, or express our creative side. We will be coming out of the Mercury retrograde fog and seeing love and adoration as grand, exciting, and recharged. Romantic situations may have struggled during the first part of this month, and now we can find a much lighter and fun tone to our romantic connections. Singles, if you have lost heart that you won’t find your match, this is a great time to renew your hope in love, dress yourself up and get out there. Go play for the sake of play and notice who is drawn to you. Couples can reignite their passion for each other and find great joy in showing each other off, playing together, and being child-like your approach to life and love.

Happy June everyone!