Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I like to begin my monthly posts with a quote that embodies the theme of the month. As I was contemplating the Aries and Taurus energies that we will be experiencing in the month of April, I felt qualities of the following welling up inside of me: courage, hope, adventure, impulsiveness, birth, life, grounded, beauty, and joy. Then the first quote I found summed it all up.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried- but you’ve actually been planted.”- Christine Caine

As we begin the month, we have the Sun in Aries where it is in its exalted state. The Sun burns courageously, bright, and strong in Aries, and offers us the energy and courage to take on anything. We should enter April feeling a little more on purpose, energized to get things done, or clear on where we want to go. Even if the start of April feels a little slow at first, as if we were still shaking off the “winter blues” in the Northern Hemisphere or preparing for the “autumn harvesting” in the Southern Hemisphere, Mercury heads into Aries in the evening of April 3rd cutting through the mental fog or transcendence we experienced when it was in the sign of Pisces. Venus is also in Aries adding another layer to our lives where relationships are either fiercely defended and protected or we find ourselves involved in relationships where demands are being placed upon us and we are pushing back. We may also be attracting situations and people who want to connect with us from a lighthearted and fun loving place. We may desire situations where we can be the hero or heroine and triumph adversity with love.

As Mercury enters Aries and the Sun is still in Aries, we should feel as though the Sun has broken through the clouds and is now energizing our thoughts, communication, and connection between our head and heart.

We may receive some truth about a person or situation in the next couple of weeks that could stir us into action. We could find our thoughts and words acting like swords, cutting through the air like a knife. We may say and do things from a place of adventure or impulsiveness and gain greater confidence in our own ideas about things. The shadow side of Mercury in Aries is that we could speak harmfully without thinking about the repercussions of our words. On the lighter side, this energy can keep us out of analysis paralysis and find courage to speak out when truth needs to be spoken, someone or something needs protection, or our opinion needs to be heard. One thing we have to keep in mind. Opinions are subjective and we are not always right. If you find yourself locking horns with another and you need to get to a desired outcome, ask yourself the questions, “Would I rather be right or would I rather be happy?” or “Is this battle worth fighting?” Some of us may do battle simply because we can. I think of a line from a song that I listen to when I am at the gym, “I pray for peace, but I am ready for war.” Sounds very much like one who is in touch with their Aries energy.

April 6th, Venus in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini offering us an invitation to explore and work with the energies of the masculine and feminine.

These cosmic lovers are in conversation about what they need to not only survive together in a good relationship but also what they need to thrive in connection with one another. Venus is in her fall in Aries, but with a sextile to Mars in Gemini, she can push back on overbearing conversations or demands and give her expression of love by jumping in head first to any subject matter that needs to be addressed within the relationship. It’s a great time to talk about tough issues and create an environment of learning and self-expression that may also offer new ways of connecting with those whom we feel closest to. Consider this energy an opportunity to come up with new answers to a problem or combining forces in a way that makes us stronger and feeling more unified. Sextiles have an energy of gentle persuasion and opportunity. We may attract opportunities to gently coax a lover, a partner, or someone we are attracted to into thinking about our interactions or roles within the relationship in a different yet mutually beneficial way. This energy may also find us enjoying juggling a lot of things all at once, including more than one relationship, financial decision or sharing of ideas and values.

Hopefully the past few days created hope, courage, and a sense of confidence in where we are headed. We will need this to ride the waves when Mars squares off with Neptune in Pisces on April 9th. The tension or growing pain of this square could find us facing a truth that we needed, but weren’t necessarily prepared for. However with Neptune in its home sign of Pisces we can tap into the unlimited compassion available to us when we empathize and communicate healthy boundaries with whatever shows up.

In her book The Places That Scare You, Pema Chödrön writes, “When we practice generating compassion, we can expect to experience the fear of our pain. Compassion practice is daring. It involves learning to relax and allow ourselves to move gently toward what scares us.” This summarizes what we may be facing during this time.

We may have to face fears such as trusting in our abilities to get what we want, belief that a fantasy we have created won’t actually manifest, overwhelming emotions that cause us to want to escape instead of standing in our truth, or use our words in a harmful or deceptive way. Overthinking can turn into creating fantasies that later when grounded by reality feel like a tsunami crashing down on us. This square offers us the opportunity to remember that we are never given more than we can handle, and that support and guidance can be found anywhere if we are willing to look and listen for it.

I sense it will be just the right amount of pressure that pushes us into a place of clarity to help us set new intentions for the April 11th New moon in Aries weekend. We will have an extra dose of practicing our courage during this new moon weekend as Venus and Pluto will be squaring off with each other. Pluto is deep and penetrating and often brings things to the surface that were hidden, repressed or suppressed. When Pluto is actively engaged in a square with Venus we may be forced to face fears, insecurities, or areas where we need to work extra hard in our relationships, finances, or what we value. In the sign of Capricorn, Pluto may drudge up the issues where we feel most powerless or unaccomplished in order to show us the hidden treasure of wisdom that lies within us. These issues that may arise can be the fuel we use to stoke the flames of transformation for the new reality we want most to create. If we are willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work, we can capitalize on this new moon in Aries energy and find the courage to face these challenges no matter what. We may be willing to test the strength of our relationships or financial decisions, and find that anything not strong enough to withstand the heat will burn off and allow us to soar to new heights. Even though new moons are considered dark moons, we are made of light.

When we can shine a light on these fears, give them a name, and listen to what they need, then we can integrate them and use them as tools instead of weapons against ourselves or others.

A few short days after the new moon, April 14th Venus enters her home sign of Taurus. Our feminine nature will become more active and we may find ways to energize our new moon intentions with practicality and sensuality. This is a great time to meet new people who align with our values or want similar things in relationship or material possessions. If in a bonded relationship, we may deepen our bonds with this special someone by expressing how attached we are to them and the success of the relationship. We may want to lavish or be lavished with luxurious items or just feel pampered. Emotional stability may be at the forefront of our values in all types of relationship. Mercury still in Aries for a few more days can assist with direct communication, which can provide clear and concise information we can trust.

For the next few days we may wrestle with the concept and illusion of control as the Sun squares off with Pluto on the 16th. We can capitalize on this energy by channeling the tension or frustration towards achieving personal or professional goals and projects. Pay attention to power struggles as these could erupt in arguments or violent acts of aggression.

We may be able to find comfort from the tension when Mercury moves into Taurus, giving our minds an opportunity to process information and experiences in a practical and methodical way.

When Mercury transits the sign of Taurus, we may find ourselves doing more self-reflection and finding ways to offer encouraging self-talk.

In Aries the Monkey Mind was swinging from the rafters, running out of the proverbial circus tent, or being mischievous for the sake of laughter and fun. In Taurus, the Monkey Mind is sitting quietly eating a banana and organizing its surroundings in a way that looks and feels artful, luxurious, or aesthetically pleasing. Mercury in Taurus will assist us with giving and receiving information in a way that allows us to take our time and present our ideas to others in a way that they may be able to see the practical uses, or simply agree to our ideas because they can see the beautiful picture we painted for them.

April 20th the Sun enters Taurus energizing us with more practicality, determination and readiness to invest in our self-esteem and personal development. We may take on an attitude of gratitude and a heads down, eyes forward approach to our work and projects. We may also find ourselves much more interested in earthy items and materialism. Retail therapy, Food Porn, and song and dance will most likely soothe the soul and raise our vibrations to the next level.

April 23rd Mars enters Cancer. Our planet of aggression, assertiveness, sex, drive, and motivation will be in a more passive mode in the sign of Cancer. Just because Mars is in a more passive role, doesn’t make it less effective or less potent. Mars in Cancer will find a roundabout way to get what it wants, and if faced with opposition or resistance can become fierce and nasty in a passive aggressive way. Manipulation could be used as a weapon instead of a tool for comfort, creating unnecessary emotional stress and anxiety. Mars in Cancer is at its best when it is defending or protecting home, family, or a cause it feels passionate about, especially if it involves someone who can be nurtured through their struggles and process. If we find that there is no one externally to nurture, it may be ourselves that need the nurturing. Mars in Cancer has a tendency to be an overgiver in order to get others to give them what they want. This attitude and manipulation will not bode well in the days leading up to the full moon in Scorpio. A couple of days prior to the full moon (April 25th) we will have Saturn in Aquarius squaring off with Venus and Mercury in Taurus. We may experience Emotional distancing from someone or possible oversensitivity to criticism. Mistrust, pessimism, and sarcasm can also enter into our interactions with others, especially if we find ourselves pointing out mistakes or making harsh judgments. Remember that mistakes are wonderful tools for learning, and if we are willing to cultivate patience, flexible thinking, and mindfulness we can build stronger relationships and offer ourselves and others a sense of belonging.

As Brene Brown defines belonging in her book “The Gifts of Imperfection: “Belonging is the innate human desire to be part of something larger than us. Because this yearning is so primal, we often try to acquire it by fitting in and by seeking approval, which are not only hollow substitutes for belonging, but often barriers to it. Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

April 26th, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio while Mars is in Cancer. In astrology this is considered a mutual reception, and both planets are in their “fall” position in these signs. Mars traditionally rules Scorpio and the Moon is ruled by Cancer. I believe this full moon will be full of passion, assertiveness, aggression, winning at all costs, protesting for or against something we are passionate about, or fighting for truth, authenticity, and something we are deeply and emotionally invested in. This full moon will most likely feel as though we are either in a hot tub and enjoying the detoxifying energy it brings, or as if we are sitting in a pot of boiling water. There is a good indication that release will come through some form of water i.e. crying, swimming, scrying, soaking, or floating. If we feel stuck on a solution to a particular problem we can utilize the element of water to offer us relief and wisdom. Remember for every problem a solution has been created. The strength of a particular relationship will most likely be tested during this time as Mercury and Venus will be canoodling, offering information that may have been hidden is now revealed. This information could be exciting such as a pregnancy or money coming in, or it could be that we find out someone’s true feelings for us is what we have been hoping for. Of course the opposite may be true as well, but either way we should know without a doubt where we stand with someone. Whatever shows up at this full moon, I offer that we allow ourselves a bit of space and grace a couple of days before or after for integration.

An honorable mention for April 27th when Pluto begins its retrograde motion in Capricorn. For the next few months we may be facing issues surrounding suppressed anger, misuse of power may be a topic, internal conflict, or choosing motivating career goals. We will have until October 5th/6th to work with whatever Pluto drudges up, so being gentle with ourselves will be a good rule of thumb over the next several months. Self-compassion will go a long way, as we remind ourselves that we are only human and celebrate that fact each and every moment of the day.

Happy April Precious Ones!