March 2021 Celestial Wisdom

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.” — Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces will bring in the qualities of kindness, compassion, healing, psychic awareness, and unity. We can offer these qualities to ourselves and others as love in action. There is a shadow side to the Pisces energy which is disillusionment, deceit, martyrdom, and suffering, which can feel or appear like a dragon in our 3-D reality.

March 2021 invites us to stare down our proverbial dragons and see them for what they are…illusions. When we see the illusion for what it is, a construct created in an alternate reality, we can recognize that it is not a fixed thing, but something we can consciously choose to interact with and influence.

We begin the month with the Sun and Venus in Pisces energizing and revitalizing our hearts to seek faith and hope that our lives and the impact we have on others is making a difference. We may be seeking out ways to be of greater service in our personal and professional relationships. Coming off of the Virgo full moon only a couple of days ago, we may have released something or someone in our lives who was a source of co-dependency or toxic to our well-being. Now, we turn our focus and attention to the source for our devotion.

If we haven’t made a decision yet about what we are devoting our time and resources to, a good question to ask right now would be, “What serves?”

We as human beings are at our happiest when we are able to serve something greater than ourselves. This does not negate our individual expression. We have worked really hard these past few years to individualize, own our unique expressions, and celebrate them. Now, we are being invited to deepen that individual expression by offering it as a sacrament, a gift to others. What we have to pay close attention to is when we forget our boundaries and give so much that we become ineffective and ultimately end up leaving others out of the experience, or become the martyr and fall prey to abuse and co-dependency. This will be a common theme threading throughout the month.

March 3rd/4th, Mars moves into Gemini while Mercury and Jupiter canoodle.

Mars in Gemini energy could have our minds racing a mile a minute, multi-tasking, and verbal processing all over the place. This is also a great time for spending time in meditation and honing our psychic skills, and then downloading a stream of consciousness. We may be inspired to write or speak about what we are experiencing, our opinions, or things we have learned. We must be careful not to get pushy with others when they don’t see things our way. There is a tendency during these times to use words as a weapon and inciting anger in others. I would imagine there will be quite a few debates dominating the news and media this month. This energy can also be used to drive us towards greater education, learning, and sharing what we learn with others. Many of us will launch books, courses, or workshops online during this time. Some of us will make travel plans, and have lots of conversations about where we want to go, who we want to go with, and why.

This is definitely not a boring month for any of us. The greatest challenge may be when we think we have too much time on our hands, boredom sets in, and we start creating fantasies as an escape mechanism. We can easily become ungrounded, and when we re-enter reality, feel greatly disappointed and even foolish. The tools we can use with Mars in Gemini is to keep our minds sharp with practice, and carving out devoted time for play and escapism. This way we give ourselves permission to navigate between realities without losing our center. I think of the movie Inception, and how the characters who were going into the dream states always carried a marker to remind them that whatever state they were in was just a dream. It may be helpful to find a marker this month and use it as a grounding tool.

The same day that Mars makes its move into Gemini, Jupiter and Mercury canoodle in Aquarius for a couple of days.

They are covering the same territory as they did February 14th, however Mercury was retrograde in February and is now direct. There may now be new information or clarity about a topic that came up for us back then. With Jupiter involved it most likely will be good news as Jupiter blesses whatever it touches. However as they say “too much of a good thing can go bad”, which may have us living with a little regret if we overindulge, over share, or get bombastic with our ideas and opinions.

We can ride the energy waves of Mars in Gemini and the Mercury, Jupiter canoodling for a few days.

On March 11th, the Sun and Neptune canoodle adding more faith, hope, and enchantment to our lives.

We may have used February as a time to check in with ourselves to make sure we are on track with our long term goals. If not, we may be making some adjustments which involve feedback and strategic planning for the next few weeks and months ahead. Some of us will be shifting out of one role or title and into another one around the new moon. We can also have extremely active and potent dream time, which can offer us information and answers from our subconscious mind or the higher consciousness if we are willing to pay attention. Keep a dream journal handy, divination tool, or spiritual professional on speed dial. I have a feeling we will want to process and make sense of whatever flows in during these times.

This new moon is in Pisces on March 13th, and has some of the sweetest and delightful feelings and energy of the year so far.

Not only will we have the Sun and Moon canoodling but Venus and Neptune as well. I would imagine that our imaginations, creativity, seduction, charm, and attractive qualities will be highlighted around this time. We might experience transcendence in many different ways, and if relationships have been a little lackluster up to this point, fret no more! If we are willing to put a little effort while staying open to receive there may be some of the most magical and spiritual connections made at this time. What happens around this time could be a love story to tell for generations to come. I am also going to point out for those who are familiar and open-minded to “Hieros Gamos” or the Divine Marriage, that this can also take place or deepen during this time.

Falling right in step with the new moon, Mercury moves out of its marathon in Aquarius and into dreamy, compassionate Pisces on the 15th.

As Mercury moves through this watery sign, we may find our words, thoughts, and ideas to be shared like a romance novel or a telenovela. Little doubt we will find our palette of words full of variety and beautiful colors. One thing we do need to be aware of when Mercury is in Pisces is that we probably shouldn’t believe everything we hear. Many times if it is too good to be true, it usually is. However, don’t dismiss or diminish it. Enjoy the hell out of it. I am merely suggesting that we also identify it for what it is. A wonderful moment in time.

And this moment in time can be doubly energized when the

Sun moves into Aries on the Spring Equinox, March 20th, followed by Venus moving into Aries on the 21st.

The Sun in Aries gives us an added boost of energy, and may have us feeling revitalized, energized, and ready to take decisive and creative action. There is often a feeling of “going where angels dare to tread” during this time, as we feel more alive, maybe even invincible when it comes to one particular area of our lives. There is often a sense of “all about me” and what we desire most in our lives simply for the fun of it.

We should be inspired to get moving on anything that pleases us based on the information and ideas we gathered over the past couple of weeks. We may be more ready to take decisive action in one particular area of life and offer ourselves experiences simply for the sake of experience. It won’t take long to see immediate response and results from our actions, especially as others will most likely be ready to give feedback. One thing to keep in mind however is that during this transit Mars will be making a harmonious aspect to Saturn which indicates our words and actions could have long term effects that will be revealed over time. Some examples of this could be getting pregnant, starting a love affair that turns into a long-term romance, getting approved for a loan that over time needs to be paid off, etc. It really depends on our individual lives what areas will be activated.

The Sun, Venus canoodling energy is an energy wave we ride into the Libra full moon on the 28th, when Venus will also be canoodling Chiron.

This full moon can offer the healing salve needed if we have been working with the separating factor of the Venus, Sun conjunction, or give us more confirmation that the people and situations currently in our lives are there for our growth and healing. We may also be facing old wounds that need the balancing and open-minded nature that Libra brings, especially when it comes to areas related to the feminine. Many of us will be looking to our Mothers or the way in which we mother ourselves and others. Several facts and declarations may have been revealed during the week leading up to the full moon, forcing us to make decisions we either don’t want to make or may not feel ready. Libra energy tends to have us feeling caught in the middle and worried that we will make the wrong decision, so we vacillate for a while until we can come up with a logical and fair choice. However, most likely whatever decision is made at this time was activated at last month’s full moon in Virgo, and the answers are obvious. We can capitalize on the courage of the Sun in Aries to make the decision and trust that we can make adjustments as we go along.

Shortly after the Libra full moon, we will have Mercury canoodling with Neptune, giving our senses an added boost of energy.

We could have some transcendent like downloads, streams of consciousness, or information flowing in like a tsunami. We could feel as though we are drinking through a fire hose, or if we stay fluid and open we can let the information flow through us without feeling overwhelmed. Not every piece of information will be worth holding onto or taking action. If we had made major decisions, such as starting or ending a relationship, job, creative project, or family, we may now be receiving a lot of information that will support us all along the way. It’s a great time to speak to a professional, mentor, or teacher and use them as a grounding rod while trying to process everything flowing in. This is also a great time to make announcements, give hope and inspiration, or market whatever inspires us.

The gift of March will be all the cosmic support we have to support our hopes, dreams, and wishes. We can find the courage we need to face our dragons, and turn them into allies instead of enemies. Use this energy to stay open, fluid, lighthearted, and to DREAM Big!