February 2021 Celestial Wisdom

We begin the month of February with Venus moving into Aquarius and Mercury in Aquarius in retrograde motion. The Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are in the sign of Aquarius as well giving us greater Aquarian themes throughout the month. Mars is our only personal planet moving slowly and methodically through Taurus all month long, and will make his move into Gemini in early March. As our cosmic influencers shine their qualities upon us, we may be fixed on finding objective solutions to any area of our lives that have felt unequal or we have become complacent.

We are ready to bust through the status quo and continue to create rules that we can live by and on our terms.

The unrest we have felt over the past few months continues, yet this restlessness is here to keep us motivated toward creating a new reality that offers more freedom to express our unique ideas and talents to be of benefit to the greater whole.

The overall theme for this month will be turning our should into musts, therefore the quote for February I chose is from Tony Robbins (A Pisces but the message is quite Aquarian):

“When you raise the standard for your life and turn “should” into “musts,” you are making an inner shift to take control over the quality of your life. Only when you decide to accept nothing less than your ultimate goals will you achieve them.”

On the first calendar day of February, Venus will make her move into Aquarius offering beauty, love and harmony to our relationships, finances, and values. She graciously gives us the support and humor to handle her mischievous cousin Mercury as it plays tricks on our minds. When Mercury is retrograde we need to remember that “not everything is as it appears to be” and “Don’t believe everything you read and hear.” Going back over communication and messages before jumping to conclusions will save a lot of heartache in the long run. (MUST). If traveling or commuting, giving ourselves extra time and space and a large dose of humor will keep us all from acting out of frustration or anger.

We may be revisiting themes from the last few weeks that felt unfinished or we weren’t satisfied with the outcomes we faced. Objectivity is a key strength for Aquarius and when applying to relationships or financial situations this can give us the ability to make decisions based on logic and alignment with our values versus purely on emotion. (MUST) While some astrologers will recommend that we not make decisions during a Mercury retrograde, I would offer that decisions still need to be made with the caveat that we may need to make adjustments afterwards. Set the framework and then give plenty of latitude and freedom to play inside of it all. (MUST) We can apply this to relationships when we may decide to change a friendship into a romance or working partnership, and instead of the traditional rules of engagement we are more open-minded and fluid in the expression.

We may spend a lot of time and energy focused on those we consider to be part of our tribe or closest friends. Having a group of people with diverse expressions of a common interest may bring us the enlightenment or lightheartedness we seek. I can already “hear” some of us engaging in highly charged intellectual conversations that will stimulate and energize us to raise our standards. This mindset invites open-mindedness and dialogue, giving us a chance to educate ourselves in new and evolving ways. (MUST)

February 5th, Venus and Saturn canoodle with one another inviting us to take on a more progressive and visionary approach to Venusian themes that we want to last.

Despite Mercury being retrograde this is a good time to bring in more love, beauty, and harmony to relationships and financial endeavors. It is also possible that expenses increase at this time. However, with so many planets in forward thinking Aquarius, there is great cosmic support for the money we need to show up in the most unusual ways. There is also a good chance that we will have gut check moments and face certain realities or hard truths in relationships. Regardless of Mercury being retrograde, direct communication and active listening will be one of the greatest tools we have when sorting through things. It’s important to stay with the conversation and revisit the subject matter as often as needed. (MUST) When in doubt come back to “the relationship is more important than the subject matter.”

February 6th Venus squares Uranus while the Sun and Mercury trine the North Node. This energy wave may have us experiencing an exciting creative project that gives just the right amount of challenge and reward.

A relationship dynamic may present just the right amount of tension to entice sexy and flirtation interaction. If single, this is a perfect time to mingle as you can, connect online, or say yes to that date. You may suddenly feel more attractive than usual, and gather the courage to put your unique expression out there to seduce your admirer. If in a bonded relationship, you may be experience a little lover’s quarrel ending with great make up sex or arriving at a conclusion that reinforces the idea of teamwork between you two. If there is a personal or professional relationship that has been volatile for a while, you may receive sudden news that helps you make a decision on which direction to go. Use this energy to bust through the status quo or where we may have gotten complacent in our relationships. (MUST) Watch for the triggers when they arise and ask ourselves, “What do I normally do to soothe myself when triggered? Is there another more evolved way of doing this that may have positive long-term effects?”

All this Venusian energy is a perfect set up to the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th. On this day we have not only the Sun and Moon canoodling in Aquarius, but our two benefic planets Venus and Jupiter. As we have faced the reality in our relationship to all things, we can capitalize on this new moon’s energy to declare and attract more love, more wisdom and more awareness of what we need to move forward into a more optimistic future. While we are looking to do things differently than our past, we must still acknowledge and honor it, or we are doomed to repeat the patterns. This new moon may be a time when we set up new traditions or practices that bring a variety of people together for a common purpose. We can focus more on what we have in common then what has separated us. (MUST) This new moon also has all the energy of blessing us with a wish come true. If we have been working diligently on a project or initiative, the days surrounding this new moon has an extra boost of positive energy.

The Valentine’s Day weekend will have Mercury and Jupiter canoodling in Aquarius. Mercury, our planet of communication, mental processing, messages, and travel is retrograde, I would imagine many of us will be revisiting subject matters regarding love and romance. This weekend may have us reconnecting with an old flame or rekindling the love within our current relationship. Do be careful of over inflating stories or ideas with a loved one, as false hope can set an expectation that will likely come crashing down when Mercury moves direct at the end of the month. This can also apply to overspending. I think about how a dozen roses costs less any other day of the year than Valentine’s Day. Consider your budget from the long term perspective before splurging. There may be other creative and less expensive ways to show that special someone how much you care.

On February 17th we have our first Saturn square Uranus of 2021.

Consider that Saturn is the furthest planet we can see without a telescope and Uranus was the first planet we discovered with the telescope. Boundaries meet breakthroughs, and when in a square aspect, not the most comfortable energy to deal with. However, what may come from this tension is a shake up and update to our outdated institutions and establishments that have become too rigid or closed to the evolutionary process. This is a time when old meets new, tradition meets outrageously radical, and strength meets agility. When we can find ways to couple these elements, we will create a new paradigm that helps to move all of humanity forward in a common direction. (MUST) I would imagine that we will be facing a lot of unrest and shocking moments of instability during this time all around the world. Continue to pay attention to stock markets, banking and housing systems, food supplies and earthquakes.

In our personal lives, the square of Saturn and Uranus can have us feeling restless and determined to shake up things that have clearly run past their expiration date, or we are the stubborn ones and it may feel as though others are forcing us to change. We may be asked to conform to something we strongly disagree with, and it may seem as though the only way to achieve what we want is to give in. However, if you aren’t in the business of giving in, Uranus’ influence can help us to think out of the box and alternative ways, while Saturn’s influence can give us enough authority to convince others to give us some space to try out these new ways. The key to working with this energy is persistence in sharing the benefits to all parties involved, and we may have to share and remind others more than once and in different ways. (MUST) It is believed that as human beings we need 7 passes when sharing a new idea in order for it to anchor into the conscious mind and take action.

The Sun moves into psychic, compassionate, healing and imaginative Pisces on the 18th, giving us even more positive energy when working towards a common goal.

Our hearts and minds may turn towards ways in which we can find healing through various art forms or painting the future of what-could-be in a way that invokes emotional attachment to the possible outcome. We may be taking on a more spiritual mindset as we approach the people and things in our lives that give us great meaning. I think about filmmakers who turn away from the traditional Hollywood entertainment films and direct their attention to documentaries and docu-series that shed light on humanitarian issues that need our attention. While being entertained is a wonderful outlet for our imagination and stress relief, as a whole we are looking for answers to complex questions, and our entertainment industry can help to provide them. Many of us here in the USA have become disenchanted with social media and the news, and are looking for alternative ways to gather information, especially more factual information. Continuing to check in with our bodies and intuition will help us discern what is true for us and what is not. (MUST)

Pisces energy has a deep love for humanity. So much so that if not kept in check can develop a “savior complex” and feel great despair when evaluating and interacting with the souls that want no help. Individually, this feeling of “needing to help” can actually create consternation and tension when it’s not asked for. I think of something a friend of mine shared with me a couple of years ago, “Help is not help when it’s not asked for.” (MUST). Experience is the greatest teacher, and the role of a Healer is to create and hold the container for the healing to take place, not do the work for the individual or group. Being mindful that everyone has their own journey and their own inner wisdom to navigate their journey will keep us in check when we are triggered to jump in and rescue someone who really doesn’t need rescuing. (MUST)

Venus will continue to support us with her love, beauty, and grace as she makes her move into Pisces on February 25th.

This goddess energy LOVES being in the sign of Pisces where she happily sits on her throne while others worship her and give her good gifts. Our imaginations and dreams will be activated in exciting and sexy ways, while our expressions of love and romance or generosity in finances take on a compassionate, sensitive, and dream-like quality. Our flirtation with life and love takes on a more attractive quality, and will most likely be easily offended by crassness or uncouth behavior or humor. There is an emphasis here of showing up for others in their time of need and may attract situations that require us to rescue and help another. Some relationships starting during this time will be for the sole purpose of healing and offering compassion, or the way in which we attract or spend money will be to help others in need. We may also be drawn to the spiritual or metaphysical industry as well as having spiritual experiences. This may be the perfect setting to meeting a new beloved or deepening the connection you already have. Travel with the intention of expanding our spiritual and intuitive nature may also be emphasized during this time. Some of us may be setting out on a pilgrimage that will expand our self-awareness, make new friends, and allow us to share our time, energy and gifts with others. We will need to pay attention to the places in our lives where we are giving too much away, and the quality of what we are offering begins to suffer. (MUST)

The Full Moon in Virgo on February 26 will continue to support the awareness of great discrimination in our lives to enhance the continued 2021 theme of “quality over quantity”.

Mercury stationed and moved direct on the 20th, and slowly but surely now offering clarity from the past few week’s experiences. Some conversations, news, and interactions with others that occur now may cause us to pause and evaluate what is truly useful and what we need to release into the infinite for healing beyond our limited human capabilities. Being a highly creative sign as well as having a need to be of service, Virgo energy may have our minds busier than ever. Carving out space for the higher wisdom to flow into our consciousness will allow us to confidently make decisions that are in alignment with our values. (MUST)

Many of us will be looking for ways we can give more to those who need our talents and skills, and we will want to increase the quality in which we offer them. In order to do this, we will need to create the space so that we can spend the time and energy, as well as be fully present. (MUST) This means certain things, people, and situations will need to be shifted, and maybe even released from our lives. We may be presented with new opportunities at this time, that saying no to them will be saying yes to ourselves and our commitment to quality. With Virgo’s qualities highlighted during this time, we may experience or release the criticism or overactivity of the mind which has created anxiety, worry or insomnia.

A beautiful wrap up to the month is to spend some quality time evaluating our standards and where we have raised at least one of them, and been able to offer ourselves of great benefit and service to the greater whole. If we can’t find one standard we have raised, then it’s never too late to start now.

Happy February!