November 2019- Celestial Wisdom

November herald’s Mercury, our planet representing the mind, connection through communication, and transportation in its retrograde motion through deep, penetrating, truth seeking sign of Scorpio. Venus will be in Sagittarius searching for the true meaning of relationships, values, and artful experiences. Mars will be leaving harmony loving Libra and into “let’s get real” Scorpio, it’s home (co-ruled with Pluto) sign of Scorpio. These three personal planets allow us to feel the influence of energy within our internal worlds, and invite us to become intimate with the magic that renewal, rebirth, reconnection, and resurrection can bring. We are being asked to dive deep into our psyches, our souls, and our subconscious minds and continue to face what is truth for us. However, we cannot find what is truth without exploring error.

I was speaking with my Druidic Teacher the other day about his take on what he has learned over the past few months regarding the collective energy and his own personal experiences. He offered that he noticed so many people were talking about finding their truth, or living their truth, but he was more interested in understanding and embracing our errors. He was more interested in error than truth, as truth changes moment by moment based on our perception of the reality we are facing. Error is the birthplace of truth. How can we find what is truth for us without understanding where we are out of alignment? Sit with this for a moment.

Looking and sitting with error in our lives takes a certain amount of courage and strength that we often believe we do not possess. Venus in Sagittarius can offer us just what we need to explore our errors so that we understand (Mercury in Scorpio) the deeper meaning within our relationships, values, and finances. We can’t stand on a pedestal declaring what is true, until we understand what we don’t want and why. I remember saying to my children when they were younger and trying new foods, “You can’t know for certain that you don’t like this if you have never tasted it?”

Looking at where we have error in our lives is uncomfortable and may feel as if we are going into dark waters, but we don’t have to venture into the dark alone. While facing error is uncomfortable, these errors are the birthplace of our ever evolving truth. Error forces us to ask questions we may not have asked without the experience of discomfort, and partners with Truth to dive deeper into the unknown, beyond the current situation into old patterns hidden within us. We will be able to unlock greater understanding and new resources to old problems, we are now ready to face. Some things to remember as we dive into these dark waters.

We are never given more than we can handle.

What we are facing is there now because we are ready for it. We weren’t ready before.

We are not alone in the process though it is ours alone to face. We have to take our individual responsibility, but we don’t have to venture into the dark by ourselves.

As our experiences give way to truth, we begin to experience our reality not as just a thought, but as a cornerstone for our new reality. Truth that is shaped from diving deep into the core of the error, owning our part in creating this error, and allowing new solutions to reveal themselves becomes something we can embody and stand alongside. When we embody truth, we become truth itself, and begin shaping new beliefs that in turn drive our actions. We are being faced with challenging times, and they are not there to intentionally harm us. They are there to wake us up, and offer us information we didn’t have before. Within this new information is where we can regain our power.

An overarching theme throughout the past couple of years has been about power and right use of power. As Pluto canoodles with Saturn in Capricorn and partners with Uranus in Taurus, these outer planets continue to unearth the fears hidden deep within us; forcing us to face unexpected challenges that challenge our current belief in how much power or control we really have within our current reality. We are being forced and tested to find new ways to approach old issues. We are being faced with opportunities to look at the cracks in our foundations and the structures in our lives that need repair, and to not lose hope in the process. This is a big ask from the Universe.

How are we supposed to face our biggest fears or attract our greatest desires when we feel powerless or out of control? Surrender. Surrender to the process, surrender to the emotions as they arise, surrender into the arms of grace and trust that you will be caught. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up or not caring. For me, surrender is about allowing and acceptance, and allowing each moment to arise and meet it with my full presence. Within this place of surrender, our hearts can be broken wide open and allow forgiveness for oneself, others, and the situation to arise. In doing so, we set ourselves free to love deeper, become more receptive to others, and shine our light brighter for others who may be wandering around in the dark exploring their errors.

This will be the gift of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Often when Mercury retrogrades, we are face to face with people and things from our past. A good rule of thumb during these times is that anything that starts with “re” usually fits into the Mercury retrograde category…revisit, redo, revitalize, renegotiate, rebirth, return…I think you get it. We are also faced with miscommunication, delays in transportation, and our mind playing tricks on us. This is why many astrologers will tell you not to sign contracts or make agreements during a Mercury retrograde. However, Mercury retrogrades are perfect for wrapping up old contracts and agreements, finishing out projects, or going back into conversations that felt undone and revisiting them. Some will also talk about “how to survive a Mercury retrograde.” I am not one of them. I want to encourage us to thrive.

Here are some ways we can thrive during this Mercury retrograde.

Remember you don’t have to go at things alone. Lean in on your community and leverage your strategic partnerships.

Create some spaciousness for yourself. Give yourself permission to say, “I need some time to think about this.”

Extreme self-care.

Get another set of eyes to look over communication, contracts, and warranties.

Revisit skills and tools you haven’t used in a while.

Meditation and divination can reveal hidden information that can be useful, as your intuition will be the guide.

Not everything is as it appears to be, so do not make assumptions. Ask more questions and avoid making absolute statements.

Check in with yourself, your body as it carries truth within it. Then speak to what is true in the moment for you.

Practice extreme forgiveness.

Remind yourself, “This too shall pass.”