July 2020 Celestial Wisdom-the “inner most cave”

I mentioned in my weekly video on June 28th that we are entering into a powerful time both personally and collectively in the month of July. On the Hero’s Journey we are entering into the “inner most cave”, and now with Saturn joining Jupiter and Pluto in retrograde motion in the sign of Capricorn, along with Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Mercury retrograde in Cancer, we begin the month on a somber, internal note. Saturn’s return to Capricorn is taking us to task regarding things from our past for the strict and unyielding purpose of mastery.

Here is a visual for those of you who appreciate my metaphors. As the hero of your own life’s story, imagine yourself on this life’s journey walking along side of a god-like Protector, Jupiter. You may not always know if you can handle the journey, and thus far have found yourself in some sticky situations. At times you may have thought the situation was more than you could handle, but with Jupiter at your side and the warrior planet Mars gifting you with new armor and tools to use along your journey, there appears to be a renewed sense of hope.

That is until Mercury the messenger god, who ran back to retrieve some messages, has finally caught up with you and tells you that there is some unfinished business that needs attending to. Much of this unfinished business has to do with an issue that affect your home and family life or may threaten your sense of belonging or feeling emotionally secure in life. Maybe dizzy and out of sorts, you stand there trying to absorb everything that Mercury has just shared with you, and when you finally get your bearing there is nothing on the horizon but mountains. Exhausted, maybe even exasperated you look at Jupiter for some hope and encouragement, and Jupiter says, “Follow me.” You begin walking towards the mountains.

After what may seem like eternity, Jupiter stops at the entrance of a cave where he tells you that the only way to other side of the mountain is through that cave. It is dark and full of uncertainty. You have no idea what creatures, pitfalls, or challenges may befall you. Jupiter places his hand on your shoulder and reminds you that the things you must face, you must face alone.

Nervous, you take a deep breath and cross the threshold of the cave. You look back to take another look at the outside world and Jupiter, and suddenly there is nothing but darkness. The entrance of the cave is now blocked. Your only choices are to say put and hope for the best, or get resourceful and brave and move forward. As your eyes adjust to the dark, you begin to get some idea of the new surroundings. As you stand their contemplating the next move, you begin to see a dim ball of light in the distance. With each breath it appears to be moving closer and closer towards you, until you come face to face with what appears to be an old man holding a lamp.

Weathered skin, eyes like the depths of the ocean, and a long beard, you sense he is wise and full of experience. He introduces himself as Saturn and tells you that he is going to be your guide as you journey into cave. He tells you that in order to get to the other side of the mountain, you are going to be facing many fears, challenges, and tests, many of these will have themes from your past that need to be dealt with once and for all. Not knowing exactly what you are going to be facing, you may begin to become anxious or worried, and remember that you have some tools and weapons now that you didn’t have before. This brings you a little comfort. For a moment, you wonder what happened to Jupiter, and then Saturn touches your arm and tells you it is time to proceed.

As you walk slowly next to Saturn, he tells you that there is a dweller in this cave. This dweller is an ancient god named Pluto who can take on many forms and will use whatever means necessary to force transformation and change. He will use anyone and everyone in your life as a tool for you or as a weapon against you. As you listen, your mind is already playing tricks on you. You try and imagine all the different things you may be facing, but there is really no way to know. For a moment, your mind wonders again to where Jupiter may be in all of this. Trying not to feel abandoned by Jupiter, you turn your attention back to Saturn. He has now fallen silent and stopped at a wooden door.

The door has a word carved on it, and as you take a closer look in the dim light, you recognize the name as your own. Now this shit is getting real! Without saying a word, Saturn points to the door handle and you know that it is for you to open. For a moment, you want to turn and run, but you have no idea where you are or how to return to where you started.

As you open the door you step inside a dimly lit room and see a small statured creature sitting in a far corner. You assume he is the Dweller called Pluto. He looks powerfully built, eerily mystical, and has dark shadows dancing all around him. He is small, but mighty. He begins to take a step towards you when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You know you are about to face your deepest fears. As he continues to walk towards you, you can see over him and standing behind him now are what appears to be Jupiter and Saturn. Trying to make sense of everything that is happening right now, your mind begins to scramble, your pulse speeds up, and your breath becomes shallow. The next thing you know, Pluto is standing toe to toe with you looking deep into your eyes. You are suddenly transported into what may seem like an alternate universe.

AND…now…the preview to some of the experiences we may be asked to face this month.

Mercury the messenger planet is retrograde in Cancer until July 12th, and will be in shadow the rest of the month. Many of us, especially water signs have been feeling the frustrations and confusion that often comes during these times. The challenge in the “inmost cave” may be negative self-talk, depression due to being stuck in nostalgia or feeling as though you don’t belong, or loneliness. On the positive side, an opportunity from the past may return so that you can decide if this is the right direction to go, and finally put the past worries behind.

As we are finishing up the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse Season on July 5th, whatever decisions you make will most likely are final. I would venture to say that the eclipse weekend will be highly charged with emotions, fireworks, and fun. Whether they are positive or negative will be relative to each individual experience. While the restrictions remain in place in many ways, we can still find a reason to celebrate being alive. It is time to give Life more attention and focus. Consider the story above and that the choices you make will give you the opportunity to “level up.” We are on the path of evolution, and in order to create the new reality that we are all seeking, we must be willing to face these challenges and tests head on. You can find encouragement during this time by notating all of the things you have accomplished thus far, especially over the past 18 months. It may just be the perspective needed to give you hope and strength to keep going.

Venus is now direct in Gemini and stays in Gemini until August 8th when she moves into Cancer. For your “inner most” cave experience, be prepared for some fun and flirty moments that may lead to temptations and seductive conversations. The challenge may be falling prey to someone over promising and under delivering. If you keep your wits about you, and remind yourself that talk is cheap, then the actions you ask for as follow up for those sweet words will prove if the person or promise is trustworthy. Another challenge maybe when you are faced with more than one choice on something that you have been waiting for, for quite some time. While choices tend to be better than feeling stuck, too many can also create inertia if we allow fear of failure or making the wrong choice to stop us from making any decisions at all. Keep reminding yourself that life is a grand experiment and that every failure is a step towards success. They live on the same axis and are interdependent of each other. Be brave. Be bold!

Who better to remind you and help with bravery and boldness than the God of War, Mars who is officially in his home sign of Aries until January 2021. Yep, you heard me right…6 months. This is due to his retrograde motion that happens approximately every 2-½ years. I will talk about that in September’s forecast. Right now, Mars is driving us forward straight into our wounds, healing gifts, and the great Teacher within as he charges towards Chiron who will retrograde the same day that Mercury stations direct, July 12th. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!

The “inner most” cave just got more real. Now please hear me when I say that there will be gifts that come out of these tests and trials. Yes, Chiron is the place where the wounds reside, but I would also like to inspire the Hero in all of us as we spend time in this cave. The late Leonard Cohen wrote, “Ring the bells (ring the bells) that still can ring…Forget your perfect offering…There is a crack in everything (there is a crack in everything)…That’s how the light gets in.” My fellow hu-mans, our wounds can become our superpowers. Your wounds can become the very elixir that heals not only yourself but also another. When you emerge from this “inner most” cave, you may discover that you have become the Teacher and Healer for others. First though, you must face yourself. The invitation will be for RADICAL self-acceptance. That is not always easy to do especially when there are many voices in your head and in your world that may be speaking, yelling, or singing louder than your own. Mars in Aries will offer you his strength and courage to turn down the volume, and deeply listen to the Teacher inside who shares with you the good, the bad and the ugly truth. This Teacher (Chiron) has no intention of harming you, but administers just enough pain to bring your attention to what needs to be dealt with for healing. Once you have moved through the process, you may feel a sense of renewed strength, determination, and confidence that no matter what life throws your way, you can handle it. Remember too that Mars in Aries is a warrior archetype, and warriors train hard for times like these. Warriors know that when the battle comes, they will be equipped and ready. We have all been preparing for months, even years for these times. We have the tools. Trust yourself.

I would also like to point out that while you are in the “inner most” cave, the outer world does not stop turning and moving. Remember that we are made of stars and earth, and whatever is happening collectively is happening personally and vice versa. Consider that if you are feeling tested, tempted, trusting, or turned about, the collective energy is as well. As you are in your cave, Pluto will be unearthing all of the subconscious shit (literally) that bubbles to the surface while Jupiter expands it and Saturn administers the tests. Neptune will be creating enough smoke and mirrors, painting illusions, or giving false hope that when Uranus suddenly strikes you on the back of the head, you may be shocked but relieved. This sudden moment could be just the grounding you need to snap out of the enchantment you are caught up in. Not all illusions are bad, especially when you need to get some sleep and drift off into a rich and fulfilling dream state. However, if you stay in la-la land, you won’t have a firm grip on reality and create feelings of insanity.

While the month of July will not be easy, we may come out of it with more fortitude, wisdom, and strength than we knew we had. There is an exit from this “inner most” cave, but the only way out is through. While we have each other and should definitely lean in and lift one another up, this work is our individual work to do. Keep this in mind when you cross paths with someone. They may be facing their own test and need help in radical self-acceptance. Show compassion and understanding because the time will come when you will need this very same thing from another. Remember everyone is going through something. If you can’t agree at least be kind.