December 2020 Celestial Wisdom

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

December is the month of “coming home” as the triumphant Heroes that we are. We have been through one of the biggest battles of our lives in 2020, and are clearly ready to see the payoffs. While life will continue to march on in 2021 and we will have a whole new set of challenges and rewards (this is life), we will also be able to confidently acknowledge some good that has come of this past year. In the Hero’s Journey the 12th Step or 12th Month here is all about returning to that place we feel most at home with something we can celebrate or at least appreciate. Clearly we are not the same people we once were. Our experiences and the people and interactions (or lack thereof with isolation) has given us new insights, possible new relationships or stronger bonds with those who are most important, or a sense of completion.

We are poised and ready to embrace a new and exciting world.

The biggest talk of the town this month is our

new moon solar eclipse at 8 degrees Sagittarius on December 14th,

the changing of the guard with

Jupiter and Saturn leaving Capricorn and moving into Aquarius,

and the

Winter Solstice on the 21st.

Let’s dive right in and find indicators of the elixirs we bring home with us.

We begin December with intense energy still swirling around us from the Gemini full moon eclipse at the end of November. Many of us have been forced to face something that needed to be released, and most likely was a bit shocking and emotionally charged. We may have had to release a close relationship or attachment to an idea of what the relationship was supposed to be.

Now that Mercury is moving into Sagittarius on the 1st, our minds should begin to feel more open and adventurous to learning new things and connecting to others who also appreciate open-mindedness.

We may be looking for ways in which we can learn more about a subject of great interest, plan for future travel or explore foreign concepts that we were not aware of previously. Remember that when space is created it allows the universe to drop something new and often better in its place.

Keeping with the Hero’s Journey theme, we will be returning home with wisdom, maturity, and fresh approach to whatever life is calling to us.

A grand fire trine between the Moon, Chiron, and Mercury on the 4th, can find us passionate about creating further opportunities for healing. This is where our “elixir” can be best shared with those most in need. Our sensitive and intuitive nature can offer us great clarity on who best to share our thoughts and opinions with for deeper healing and connection. This is a perfect day and the days leading up to the new moon solar eclipse for

paying attention to synchronicities and messages from Spirit.

They may not all make sense right in the moment, but by the eclipse on the 14th, there should be a clear picture.

Let’s talk about this powerful and life changing, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14th. Eclipses are considered to bring “fated” events into our lives, to get us out of our comfort zones, and push us into the next stage of growth in our lives. We can experience and feel eclipse energy a month before or after the eclipse. Consider eclipses to be new or full moons on steroids and often the outcome is final. They can often bring surprise events that may not be of our doing but someone we are connected to. Eclipses fall in pairs (Gemini/Sagittarius) and the last time the North Node was in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius was 2001 and 2002. Where were you? What was happening? Common themes may arise. It was 19 years ago that my spouse at the time announced a new opportunity to move out of state for a promotion in his company. His Sun is in Sagittarius and we moved two states away within the next 3 months. Needless to say, I did not return to the previous place I was living. This was a final move out of this particular city and state.

This eclipse falls in the sign of Sagittarius, which is where the South Node of the Moon will be canoodling with the Sun and Moon. Sagittarius is an optimistic, adventure seeking, mind expanding and freedom loving sign. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius loves to create opportunities to experience life through long-distance travel, higher education, competition, partying, and living like a god who can go and be anywhere at any time they please. Not as concerned with the present moment,

Sagittarius energy is more interested in the long-range goal, as current circumstances are for mere mortals.

This new moon eclipse may activate a new long-range goal or new opportunity to explore things that we weren’t even aware we were ready for. However, the gift of Sagittarius and Jupiter is optimism and hope, so we may feel quite excited about this new opportunity. Whatever comes up will have lasting effects as eclipses tend to be final or at least the theme is around for quite some time. With the South Node activating this eclipse we will most likely find a new opportunity to have something we wanted in the past finally come into manifestation or at least begin putting some plans together. For example, I think of many millennial couples who have been living together, talking about marriage, but not really in a hurry or even seeing the necessity of this type of bonding. However, this new moon eclipse may have many couples getting engaged for the holidays. This can also activate a move to a foreign country or long distance for work. Those of you who have been waiting for COVID and restrictions to lift so that you can make this move or receive the offer to move should either already have your new beginning or receive the news in the next few days and weeks.

Not only do we have a new moon eclipse on the 14th, but we have a beautiful trine between the Sun, Moon and Mercury with Mars, and powerful sextile with Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.

We have extra cosmic support to manifest our deepest desires and attract the right support and resources we need to feel confident in our new opportunities.

Collectively we are already seeing the announcement of the Covid vaccine getting closer to distrubition to those most in need and then to the masses by January. There may also be an announcement of new travel rules regarding the vaccine and virus. We may be required to be vaccinated in order to travel or frequent certain businesses, etc.

Two days after this powerful eclipse we will see Saturn making its move into Aquarius on December 16th followed by Jupiter on the 19th.

As I have mentioned in my YouTube video, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius offer us the opportunity to connect with one another in more innovative and collaborative ways.

The day after this new moon eclipse, Venus the planet who symbolizes what we attract and harmonize in love, beauty, relationships, values and finances will make her move into fiery, inspirational Sagittarius. She will use her seductive powers of good humor, a care-free attitude, and love for adventure to lure us into situations where we can expand ideas about love and relationships of all kinds. We may find ourselves attracted to foreigners, foreign subjects, or cultures that we have not been accustomed to and want to learn more about. This is a great placement for bringing harmony back into foreign affairs. Much of this subject matter will be addressed while Venus trines Chiron in the upcoming days. I have a feeling we will be much more inclined to create more peace in the world than the dissension that we have been dealing with.

Called The Great Conjunction by astrologers, I am also calling it the

Emergence of Remembrance.

We have been downloading new ideas, exploring alien or foreign technologies, and opening ourselves up to higher consciousness for quite some time. However, with this conjunction comes an anchoring and new reality for our ideas and information to come into form. Utilizing technology, science, and speech we will truly be in the Information Age where knowledge is power and remembering tools and skills from both ancient times and current will help us push beyond the physical limitations we currently have.

I would imagine that connection with each other will be more important than ever, and communication will become king for quite some time.

This is a perfect time to study, develop, and refine new habits of conscious speaking and telepathic skills. Virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, and mind altering experiences will continue to be on the rise. I would also venture to say that the use of psychedelics for spiritual awakening and attunement will become mainstream again.

As we observe the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice on December 21st, we will have another powerful cosmic set up. The Sun moves into Capricorn just as Jupiter and Saturn canoodle at less than 1 degree. In astrology this close of a conjunction is significant for we feel the effects stronger than if the planets were further apart by degree. The significance of this tight conjunction is that we may not be able to distinguish between Jupitarian or Saturian themes. One minute we have expansive ideas or a collective mission and the next we have to think about the rules we have to play by and the people our ideas will affect when implemented. We may be thinking about why we believe in what we do, and how we can implement this belief or idea in a real, tangible way.

A significant aspect to both Jupiter and Saturn is wisdom.

Their philosophy may be a bit different from one another where Jupiter gains wisdom through experience and taking a great adventure or learning a wider, broader meaning to concepts, philosophical ideas, or spiritual and religious meanings. Saturn’s wisdom comes through experiencing some of the more difficult or challenging times in life and developing mastery. Saturn governs the lessons we have learned made manifest from the teachings of Jupiter.

Another significant planetary configuration on this day is

Mars in Aries squaring off with Pluto.

As I mentioned in my Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius YouTube video, we may feel the need to assert our power through our words, thoughts, and ideas. We may feel a push to squeeze out the last bits of manifestation for 2020 before we have to close up the year, and find a sense of accomplishment or completion. The fear of losing control to what society dictates or demands may create chaos in our hearts and minds and our passions could run high.

It will be important to pay attention to what we are feeding our minds as the information we put in will eventually be manifested outwardly.

Our deeper desires and passions may be aroused and can be a wonderful time to channel them into what fuels us and gets us out of bed in the morning. We may be turning our thoughts more and more to how we can become more efficient in our lives and how we can contribute our purpose and passion to our community at large.

Let’s not forget that even if we haven’t won all the battles or the war, we still have something precious to come home with.

We finish the month with a full moon in Cancer on December 29th. Our emotions, sensitivities, and intuitive nature will be heightened at this time. We can find great comfort in our families whether family of origin or family of choice. A true turning point in our lives to leave the past behind and look forward to the future. As you know, I don’t like using the term “better” as that is relative based on our current perspectives of reality. However, I will offer that while we continue to be in a time of great revolution and change, this full moon can anchor in even more the overarching theme of people coming together for a common purpose and being like family. I personally am looking forward to how we continue to raise the consciousness of ourselves and this planet so that we can be of greater benefit to our Mother Earth, each other, and the collective energy field.

If you want to find out how December may affect you individually, please reach out. It is my great joy and mission to be of great service.