Libra Full Moon Ceremony 2023

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Duration: 55 min

πŸ“: 2 Locations

πŸ—“οΈ: Schedule

πŸ‘₯: 50 participants

It’s time to see some manifestations of our new moon intentions. This shows up in our connections, relationships, and how we partner with people and situations in our lives. Libra is an air sign. We will meet and offer ceremony that releases the energy into the ethers for greater ongoing manifestation through the element of air.

We are made of earth and stars. We can feel the effects of the Moon on the tides, inside of our bodies, and our subconscious minds. Dayne Rudyar said, “The Moon is the mediator between the Sun and the Earth.” When we access the energy of the Moon we can tap in and harness the qualities and habits we need for greater success and self-awareness in our lives. Manifesting comes through intention and action. We will use more than just the Moon’s energy though. Every two weeks, we will summon and couple the energy of the Moon with the Sun and the Nodes of the Moon. The Moon is our summing of what we are, the Sun indicates how we will move forward, and the Nodes tell us the road we must follow. These are key ingredients for manifestation. How this new moon affects YOU will be given to all who sign up.

You do not have to be present to attend. All sessions will be recorded and sent out for you to use at your leisure. However, as we know “where two or more are gathered” = Power!

About Me

ICF Certified Success Leadership Coach,

Astrologer and  Intuitive Advisor, Thought Leader, Motivational Speaker, Author

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Working with Jamie is like having a secret ingredient in your pocket. Her coaching gives me a leading edge that others can testify to. I felt like she was listening deeply and looking over all aspects of my life with care and concern for my bigger picture. She especially helped me zero in on my need to make some important changes, and also shed light on a mysterious situation I felt muddled about. I left the session with clear action steps and optimistic for the future.

C.M.Nevada USA

Jamie is compassionate, emotionally strong, and insightful of not only all of your issues and energies, but of herself as well. She is present with full understanding of life experiences and helps bring clarity to the any area of life. Her no nonsense, yet compassionate approach offers empowerment and enlightenment at the same time.

L.P. United Kingdom

I have experienced valuable guidance from Jamie for many years. I know I can trust her in what ever state of mind I am in to help with loving kindness. Jamie has facilitated my peace of mind and helped me to BREATHE. Thank you!

K.DCalifornia USA