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By tapping into the stream of consciousness, listening to the messages of your soul, and using her psychic and intuitive gifts, Jamie provides you the information that you most need to know for any given situation. Each session is tailored specifically for you in that present moment. Because energy shifts and changes constantly, people grow, expand, or transition in and out of our lives, and opportunities are everywhere, it is helpful to have a Navigator on this journey we call "Life".

"Jamie is like the beacon of a lighthouse, guiding me on the high seas of major life decisions, and the compass on my ship confirming for me that I am going in the direction I set for myself." - Melissa

"Spending time in session with Jamie is like sitting down with your best friend."- Kimberly

Jamie specializes in getting to the heart of the matter by coming through the heart energy which is love and compassion. She provides a safe, confidential environment for you and gently and safely leads you to explore not only the obvious aspects of your life, but the uncharted territories where more treasure is buried. No subject is to big or too small. She believes in the field of infinite possibilities and that by tapping into this field is where your soul truly evolves. A large majority of Jamie's clients are business executives, entrepreneurs, and people who are truly looking for ways to continue to grow, evolve, and expand their inner world to effectively create and thrive in their outer world.

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