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Sun Sign Image: 

August 21st- September 20th

Your irritation levels may have been a bit higher than normal leading up to last month’s full moon.. Other people seem to be acting out of character upsetting your equilibrium and in some cases causing hurtful feelings to erupt. Perhaps they are not aware of the pain that they are causing you. It is also possible that circumstances, rather than people, are prompting your emotional response. Either way this month will present new ways of handling difficult situations providing you with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction in yourself again.

August 21st- September 20th

The full moon last month in your sign could have left you feeling a little bit out of sorts. Someone or something may have triggered something deep inside of you that you were avoiding, and there was nothing you could do but deal with it. Now you could be experiencing a little bit of an energetic hangover, and probably craving a little integration time, yet your activities are not letting up. This month’s energy will most likely have you hopping from one thing to the next with little space to breathe.

August 21st- September 20th

As the month opens, you may have begun to notice certain people and situations you have attracted into your world that no longer fit the mental model you constructed over the last few years. Some of your long time friends and acquaintances may begin to fade away as the month of August chugs along. Much of this falling away is triggered by your need to express yourself in your own unique way, and not everyone is on board with it. But don’t worry, you won’t be isolating yourself. Those that vibrate in the same energy field will remain, as these are your tribe members.

September 20- October 20

Family, home, responsibilities, or serious commitment to something or someone seems to be a hot topic for you right now. The past full moon in June may have brought some truths to light that may still be weighing heavily on your heart and mind. Decisions and actions you make this month will have long-lasting results. Starting with the new moon eclipse on the 12th of July. This new moon will be influencing how you feel, perceive, and interact within your circle of friends, groups, or community.

Virgo-January 2018 Eclipse

Right now you may spend a lot of time and energy on communications. Your mind is active and how you express it will be important. Remember too that listening and collaboration is just as important as talking and doing things on your own. This is a time of hour-to-hour problem solving. You may be restless at times. Try to focus on what you do best. Relationships and money are highlighted at the moment. Perhaps the two are linked, but either way you are seeking more pleasure from your life. You seek to resolve any tensions that have arisen as a result of your chosen career.


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