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August 20-September 20

Relationships may have been keeping you on your toes the entire month of May. Now that June has arrived, you are able to have a little more fun, lightness, and ease when interacting with others. This month should give you less problem-solving and more enjoyment overall. This is mostly because those family and friends who you were helping out, are switching roles and wanting to take care of you. Being open to receive their affection and attention will be key to your enjoyment factor.

August 22- September 22

The month of May offers moments of celebration, transition points, appreciation of beauty and love, and possible power plays. You may want what you want, but others may not see eye to eye with you. The practice of radical self-acceptance and patience is going to be your best friend as you navigate the attitudes and actions of others. Your closest friends and loved ones will be by your side, but may feel at odds with each other or within their own intimate circle.

August 20- September 20

Last month’s theme of gathering information, caring for loved ones, and focusing on self-development will open the month of April. While you may have been feeling a bit out of sorts and even disoriented at times, there should have been some good conversations and connections made. Now that the Sun is in fiery Aries, you should begin to feel the fogginess burning off, and clarity returning. Middle to end of April should have you moving full steam ahead.

August 21st- September 20th

Of course the big talk of the town is Mercury, the planet of communication, connections, networking, learning, and all things mercurial in retrograde motion in the sign of Pisces the entire month of March. Let’s also not forget about our erratic, Great Awakener, and innovative planet Uranus is moving out of Aries and settling into Taurus for the next 7 years. This is a month I believe, that we will talk about for years to come. The last time that Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934-1942.

August 21st- September 20th

Now that you stepped into some new realities, the work continues. However, you will most likely find new and exciting ways to approach the tasks lists, and even be inspired to explore new connections with people who are eager to help you complete your tasks. Sharing responsibilities can offer deeper community and a sense of belonging to a common cause. The shared responsibilities also allow you to focus more on your health and fitness routines this month.

August 21st- September 20th

January gives you a feeling that working hard may just have its rewards. While you want to work smart too, there is something to be said about good old fashion, roll up your sleeves, and get things done kind of attitude. Some of this hard work will give you reasons to come up with better, more innovative ways of doing things. You may have a lot of creative ideas or new processes for running things more efficiently, but some of your counterparts or equals in your community may not quite understand or even be willing to listen to them, much less implement them.

August 21st- September 20th

Before December really even gets started you will be questioning everything. Your mind may not feel as sharp as usual since your ruling planet has been retrograde the past couple of weeks, but that doesn’t stop you from questioning the important things, maybe even the little things. Too much is happening in your world, things need to get done, people need to have answers, and you are their go to person. However, there has also been a lot of things out of your control and you have been forced to wait on certain resources to become available.

August 21st- September 20th

Mercury is moving fast for the first part of the month in the sign of adventure seeking Sagittarius, until he decides to slow down and retrograde so he can pay closer attention to the lands he’s exploring. Mercury, being your ruling planet and sitting in your third house will be delivering messages where it feels most at home. Consider Mercury quite comfortable in your third house, as he activates your mind, creative pursuits, connections with others, and brings out a bit more of the party animal inside of you.

August 21st- September 20th

Your irritation levels may have been a bit higher than normal leading up to last month’s full moon.. Other people seem to be acting out of character upsetting your equilibrium and in some cases causing hurtful feelings to erupt. Perhaps they are not aware of the pain that they are causing you. It is also possible that circumstances, rather than people, are prompting your emotional response. Either way this month will present new ways of handling difficult situations providing you with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction in yourself again.

August 21st- September 20th

The full moon last month in your sign could have left you feeling a little bit out of sorts. Someone or something may have triggered something deep inside of you that you were avoiding, and there was nothing you could do but deal with it. Now you could be experiencing a little bit of an energetic hangover, and probably craving a little integration time, yet your activities are not letting up. This month’s energy will most likely have you hopping from one thing to the next with little space to breathe.


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