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April 21st- May 20th

Topics relating to your home and family are being energized this month. It could be that a particular loved one is doing all that they can to make sure you know how valuable you are, and all the difficulties you may be dealing with at times are gaining you brownie points in their eyes. If anyone has the strength of a bull it is you! The opposite may be true as well. Many of you may be going through major changes and shake ups in your home life as a loved one, or maybe it was you, decided it was time for a major decision.

April 20th -May 20th

Stability, predictability, and reliability are all words best used to describe the qualities of Taurus. These are wonderful qualities that will bump up against the energies of July's unstable, erratic, and unpredictable nature and energies. Mars retrograde sitting right on your area of professional and career status may create frustrations for you if your expectations are too high with regards to work, public image, and getting deals and projects closed.

Taurus-January 2018 Eclipse

Sometimes expressing yourself is easy. At other times words seem to fail you or come out wrong. Right now you may be experiencing emotional or physical pain. Therefore it feels easier to just withdraw from personal situations rather than confront them. This is an excellent time to rest if pushing ahead is leading to frustration. If you can take some time out. The key to moving through any current emotional roadblock is exercising self love and compassion. When it comes to your mental activity and career house it may feel as if a lightbulb has gone off and you can't switch it off.

April 20th -May 20th

This week invites you to think about and embrace the change and transformation that has come into your life. If you have been kicking and screaming against what you perceive to be obstacles in your life, then ask yourself why this is the case and if those obstacles could actually be working in your favor. Don't fear change for it is the only constant you will have in life. By not allowing yourself to be open to making any adjustments needed, you may miss out on some pretty good opportunities coming your way.

April 20th -May 20th

Week of November 1-6, 2017
You have chosen to be fully responsible for how you participate in life. Willingness to use the good for others' well-being, and shift the flaws you found, gave you humility and wisdom. Everything is suddenly becoming clear and you can now choose a direction based on being in possession of all the facts. This kind of clarity is incredibly enlightening and empowering.This can be rare in modern times. Immense gifts from life itself will come your way.


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