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October 20- November 20

June begins with quite the buzz around something near and dear to your heart, and finishes with a quiet, comfortable hum. Right off the starting block, you may be working late hours, spending extra time with family and friends, or planning for a big gathering. You are trying to clear your schedule so you can truly focus on the dominant task at hand, and then rest and relax when the time comes.

October 22- November 22

Much of your time may be spent communicating, writing, or checking items off your list that have to be done. Procrastination is not an option, and adding one more thing to your plate would put you in overwhelm. The first half of the month will require you to get as much done as possible, while the second half offers some relief and new inspiration. There is also a good indication that relationships of all kinds will continue to create some tension and irritation for you, for the intent purpose of creating resolution.

October 20-November 20

As the month begins, you may be experiencing a few ah-ha moments about yourself, what you are fully capable of, and what you need in order to truly express yourself out into the world. When moments of fear, doubt, or feeling vulnerable creep in, remind yourself that everything you have done up to this point has lead you to the perfect place and in the perfect time. This is a theme that will carry on throughout the month.

October 20-November 20

Of course the big talk of the town is Mercury, the planet of communication, connections, networking, learning, and all things mercurial in retrograde motion in the sign of Pisces the entire month of March. Let’s also not forget about our erratic, Great Awakener, and innovative planet Uranus is moving out of Aries and settling into Taurus for the next 7 years. This is a month I believe, that we will talk about for years to come. The last time that Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934-1942.

October 20-November 20

It’s a month of love and you are so ready to share your love with anyone who is open to receive it. Those who appear to be closed off will not be able to withstand your fierce love and deep psychic knowing of what is needed at just the right moment. Your penetrating focus will have others feeling completely vulnerable, but if used with good intention will help them breakthrough barriers they never thought possible. Your psychic gifts will be at all time high so trust when you get that “deep knowing” information about a person or situation.

October 20-November 20

January signals a time when the wheel of fortune shows you it is turning more in your favor. You are entering an extremely creative period in your life, which can pay off in spades. There are signals here of a windfall or pay off in a good investment you made regarding a creative project over the last few years.You could find yourself focusing more on your personal creativity and getting on with the real business of life, joy. This will be so even for those who are not professional artists. Not a bad idea to take up some creative hobby these days.

October 20-November 20

Slow and steady this month in all that you do. Pay close attention to the words you use, the conversations you have, and the ideas you share with others. Not everyone will be on board with your opinions or share in your visions for the future. Your straightforwardness, sometimes, may create unwanted issues in public communications so try and use some self-control if you can. There may also be a habit or pattern you are ready to change. Again, slow and steady is the theme, not only so you have time to adjust to changes, but others as well.

October 20-November 20

Mercury has been moving fast through your sign and now galloping on his horse in Sagittarius through the landscape of your personality, sense of self, and how you approach the world. Your optimism about love, life, and even yourself will most likely be at an all time high. You will be ready to share with others who you are today, what you believe in, and fight against the injustices in the world. Mercury will be moving fast for the first part of the month, most likely seeking out ways to tell everyone who you truly are and what you truly believe.

October 23-November 21

The month of October offers you quite a few opportunities to laugh, love, and live. Something or someone you thought was missing from your life will return, and give you reasons to smile. Venus will be retrograde through your sign and give you lots of reasons to return to creating more love and beauty in your life. There is an indication here that you may not even realize what you need in order to feel more connected with your inner beauty or what ultimately makes you happy. That is part of the gift of Venus retrograde for you.

October 20-November 20

September offers opportunities to make necessary adjustments to certain areas of your life. The last few months have probably felt as if you were doing more reacting to scenarios, then being able to respond or even assert your desires and talents into the mix. This is most likely the influence of your traditional ruler Mars being retrograde for so long. Now that this red planet is moving direct again, you should begin to feel as if you are making progress.


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