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Scorpio- January 2018 Eclipse

Good news is the cornerstone of this time because communications of all types are favored. If you have been waiting for a positive outcome to a project, or a beneficial announcement of some sort then you are likely to receive it now. You are mentally alert and capable of quick thinking and good decisions. Influential people notice your positive attitude and aptitude and reward your efforts. Promotions at work are possible. You are also likely to benefit from any decision to study, travel, teach, write or sharpen your mental faculties.

October 20-November 20

You may feel like you're walking around in daze today, drifting off when you should be focusing or procrastinating when you should be getting your work done. The week's energy may have some temptations, diversions and distractions, and chances are good you'll be wrestling with one of them before the end of the week. You don't want to get caught up in chasing after something (or someone) with questionable substance. And you don't want to be pressured into making a decision before you're ready.

October 20-November 20

Week of November 1-6, 2017
Love yourself for choosing to generate life in all the ways that matter to you. Love yourself when you feel scared. Encourage yourself when in new territory. Trust yourself for choosing to take risks for good. Tell yourself that you are worth the journey you choose. Be kind to yourself as you stretch into a new way of life that will serve you very well. Be so thankful to yourself for caring deeply enough to orchestrate a positive life flow. Be proud that you are doing something that is responsible and life-productive.

October 20-November 20

Week of September 3, 2017
You are the generator of what you seek. When you cease to look, and create instead, you are overflowing with all you once sought. Ask yourself to identify what it is that you will experience once your dreams come true. Instead of waiting for your dreams to happen, fill your heart with the qualities you expect to embrace. Now you know that you are the source of all you seek. Create the feelings you desire first. The situations that match these feelings can follow.


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