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November 20- December 20

A theme for August will be power, money, sex, and rock n’ roll. What does this mean? It means you will be looking towards one or all of these forms in order to feel empowered and alive. Many of you Sags will encounter moments where a power struggle ensues and you will be asked to take the high road. While the air is thinner the higher you go, you will love the view. This higher perspective can offer you insights and answers that your opponent or the person/situation challenging you won’t have. This puts you at an advantage.

November 20- December 20

As the month begins, you may be looking for more ways to create stability and security within your life, and July has a way of offering opportunities for just that. Especially since your ruling planet Jupiter is now moving direct. The new moon eclipse on the 12th of this month could provide you with a new income stream, job promotion which includes a pay raise, a bonus, or loan approval. It could also be that if you are partnered, your partner receives news of these things.

Sagittarius- January 2018 Eclipse

What an interesting time you are likely to have when it comes to relationships! This week you may bump into someone from the past, someone who helps you make a decision about your future. You may also say goodbye to a loved one, an old friend or a lover. Changes or news may be the catalyst for some moodiness too. A woman, or women, in your life may be challenging you to change your thinking, but it could be anyone or anything that is upsetting your routine. Try not to worry too much. Many changes are blessings in disguise. You fare best when you apply positive thinking techniques.

November 20- December 20

This is the week to allow yourself to be in touch with your own emotions and not allow the emotions of others to overwhelm you. If you are the person others are always coming to for help, then you need to think about what you need for a change. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the emotional drama of others, as this may leave you without enough strength to look after yourself. Giving is well and good but when you give too much of yourself it can deplete your energy and undermine your boundaries. Nourish yourself and honor your own emotions.

November 20- December 20

Week of November 1-6, 2017
Stop holding on to what you once held as truth. You have enough wisdom and knowledge to now see that letting go of strongly-believed concepts will give you new ground. Time for something better. As you choose to be fully responsible for how you participate in life. Willingness to use the good for others' well-being, and shift the flaws you found, gave you humility and wisdom. This can be rare in modern times. Immense gifts from life itself will come your way.


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