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February 20- March 21

How long can you hold your breath under water? Forever? It probably felt that way leading up to the full moon last month. You are the sign of the Fish, and hopefully you are finally exhaling. Right from the start June should find you with new resolve and inner strength. You are ready to roll up your sleeves and take action. Time to get your resume together if looking for a new job, start putting pen to paper and sketch or design your next money making idea or creative project, or pick up the phone and call in a favor. You are ready for change and you want it on your terms.

February 22- March 22

If you want to make changes in your income and career sector, this is a perfect month for getting your resume out there, connecting with a recruiter, or kicking off your new business. It’s time for you to make your earnings doing something you love. There is a good indication that some effort and a little risk may be involved. The risk could be as simple as hanging your shingle out there, inviting rejection, but you could also invite in celebration and support. You won’t know until you try.

February 20-March 20

This month may come as a bit of a relief to you sweet Pisces. Your ability to feel your way through the world is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you are able to sense what isn’t being said and offer a beneficial perspective to others that they couldn’t sense themselves. On the other hand, people were feeling out of sorts and not exactly open to receive whatever you were sharing with them. So you may have felt unappreciated, dismissed, or even ignored at times. This month will give you a much different flavor.

February 20-March 20

Of course the big talk of the town is Mercury, the planet of communication, connections, networking, learning, and all things mercurial in retrograde motion in the sign of Pisces the entire month of March. Let’s also not forget about our erratic, Great Awakener, and innovative planet Uranus is moving out of Aries and settling into Taurus for the next 7 years. This is a month I believe, that we will talk about for years to come. The last time that Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934-1942.

February 20-March 20th

Although this is a month for love, attraction, couples, and romance, your attention may be on sudden changes to your income, possessions, or value system. I say this because Uranus and Mars are transiting your second house and with Uranus close enough to Mars that a tiny spark could set off an explosion. This explosion metaphor could be an expansion of your income as sudden news around the new moon could open a door you have been waiting for.

March 22nd- April 21st

January gives you a reason or two to bring your confidence back online. You may have been shaken up suddenly last month by some unpredictable news, and been forced to surrender to something out of your control. However, this experience wasn’t meant to harm or scare you, but to create space for something better to arrive in its place. If you were unaffected by any events January will solidify your confidence in your ability to create whatever world you envision.

February 20-March 20

The big talk of the month is actually the balance between work and play. You are being set up for a stellar opening of 2019, and December will give you a little preview. Now that Mars the Warrior planet of action is fighting for you all month, you should find yourself feeling empowered, feisty, and ready to make things happen once again. You may have felt as if you were living in a bubble the past few months, and December is ready to thrust you into the spotlight. However, just as the lights are thrown on you, someone shouts “curtain” and you have to wait for the next act to begin.

February 20-March 20

Mercury has been moving fast through Scorpio and now galloping on his horse in Sagittarius through the landscape of your 9th house. Just where Sagittarius energy is most at home. Although Mercury is in its detriment in the Archer’s sign, it does gain a bit more comfortability when placed in this house. Your optimism about the future and your grandest vision for yourself will most likely be activated. Of course there is always the caution that you don’t get wrapped up in illusions of grandeur and forget the reality you live in.

March 22nd- April 21st

October’s theme is all about what you believe and value when it comes to money, love, relationships, and beauty. Why? Our beloved goddess and planet Venus will be retrograding in deep and passionate Scorpio most of the month, and tugging you into the deeper waters of desire, secrets, and authenticity. You may feel the struggle between freedom and deep connection. One part of you wants to be unbound, free from any constructs, while the other part of you wants to feel a sense of being deeply connected to someone or something beyond yourself.

February 20-March 20

The upcoming month has quite a bit of nudging going on if you are thinking traveling, exploring and learning new skills, new ways to express your deepest desires and most authentic nature, as well as possible sudden changes to your income, current employment, or financial situation. You could have money on the brain all month, which could offer you new and innovative ways of creating more abundance in your life. Chances are some kind of action is going to propel you in a new direction.


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