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March 22nd- April 21st

October’s theme is all about what you believe and value when it comes to money, love, relationships, and beauty. Why? Our beloved goddess and planet Venus will be retrograding in deep and passionate Scorpio most of the month, and tugging you into the deeper waters of desire, secrets, and authenticity. You may feel the struggle between freedom and deep connection. One part of you wants to be unbound, free from any constructs, while the other part of you wants to feel a sense of being deeply connected to someone or something beyond yourself.

February 20-March 20

The upcoming month has quite a bit of nudging going on if you are thinking traveling, exploring and learning new skills, new ways to express your deepest desires and most authentic nature, as well as possible sudden changes to your income, current employment, or financial situation. You could have money on the brain all month, which could offer you new and innovative ways of creating more abundance in your life. Chances are some kind of action is going to propel you in a new direction.

February 20-March 20

Expressions of authenticity and getting to the heart of matters are high on your list this month. Unfortunately, not everyone in your circle share the same priority. The last couple of months and the last two eclipses especially secured confidence in yourself and how you choose to express what you want and need in life. Now as the month begins you are ready to show others and not apologize for it. The issue here is that one or two people in your community or circle of connections won’t know what to do with you. They may question your motives or accuse you of being a bit weird.

February 20-March 20

Is your imagination running wild right now? If it is channeled towards creative projects, innovative ways of doing things, or creating new opportunities for deepening your acts of service then let it run. If however your imagination has run away from you regarding intimate relationships, you could find yourself severely disappointed about a person or situation by the end of the month. Let's talk about this month of July for you.

Pisces- January 2018 Eclipse

This is an ideal time when you have the opportunity to focus on what helps you feel inspired. You have the chance to take part in some enjoyable activities, to spread your wings and fly. This could be as simple as taking a day to explore your local area, put your feet up and read a book or take up a new hobby. On the other hand you may begin to think about an exciting plan to broaden your horizons - a new form of study, a trip abroad or the advent of a spiritual journey. Show your confidence and optimism and reap the rewards. This is an auspicious time for love and affection.


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