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Libra- January 2018 Eclipse

This is a good news eclipse. It is a time when you can express your own individual outlook. Your opinions matter at work and socially. You are likely to be come clearer about your purpose at work, and may receive some good news. It is the ideal time to communicate your career intentions, or make plans that improve your standing in the community. It is time for discussions and agreements. You may receive good news or be involved in discussions that are productive. This is the ideal time to connect with others in positive projects. Brain storming sessions can prove beneficial.

September 20- October 20

The week's theme is one of release, a sign that it is time let go and move on. Change is in the air and you can feel it. Even though you may not think you are ready for change, this time is showing up to let you know you are. Do not hold tight to anything, do not force anything and do not be consumed by your stress. Don't think that your past defines you. Your past does not equate to your future, you do. Take time to assess your situation from a deeper perspective. Look within and ask, "What do I truly want?" The answers you seek are all found within.

September 20- October 20

Week of November 1-6, 2017
Trust that all good actions, thoughts and feelings circle back around. You can orchestrate your own outcomes less and trust in life's outcomes more. You are in good hands from many good choices in your past. The positive repercussions are heading your way. Have faith in good to come. You are taking time to create satisfaction and love form inside. You are learning that the source of your joy is your choice. You are finding that the source of life provides any experience you request.


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