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Leo- January 2018 Eclipse

This is a time in which your self-esteem plays a role in your life. Do you feel confident and self-assured? If so, then you are likely to enjoy this eclipse. If not then you have the opportunity to learn about the roles that emotions play and adjust your behavior. You are likely to benefit from any activity that boosts your sense of well-being. If you are feeling low then this will help. If you are feeling confident then this will add to your feelings of well-being.Pleasure and work seem to go hand-in-hand right now.

July 21- August 21

This week is a good week to think about how you can best harness your own power. It's a week for asserting your independence and for standing strong in your convictions. You may be gaining new insights into decisions you need to make for the next chapter in your life, or perhaps you're making new plans for the direction you want to be heading. Be careful not to jump to conclusions, especially if you're operating with incomplete information. You don't want to rush to judgment or lash out at others, and you don't want to cut people from your life without giving thought to the consequences.

July 21- August 21

Week of November 1-6, 2017
As you focus on being the feelings that you seek and on emulating the qualities that you wish to know, your life becomes an overflowing experience of generating. Longing is replaced with fullness. Wishing is replaced with overflowing love. Inside your heart, deeper than any sorrow, truer than any disappointment, is unconditional love. Sit in silence, breathe deeply into your own heart. Find what you most need inside yourself now.

July 21- August 21

Week of October 1-8, 2017
You should consider letting go of the thought that most people are always honest and trustworthy. Most of the time they are, but there may be people around you who may not be what they seem, and theft, lies and dishonesty are at work . Be careful who you trust. What you will gain is plenty of activity on the communications front. You may receive help from someone who is full of energy and enthusiasm who wants to help you manifest your hopes and dreams. You may also have a reunion with an old friend.

July 21- August 21

Week of September 2, 2017
Trust that all good actions, thoughts, and feelings circle back around. You can orchestrate your own outcomes less and trust in life's outcomes more. You are in good hands from many good choices in your past. The positive repercussions are heading your way. Have faith in good to come. Love yourself for choosing to generate life in all the ways that matter to you. Be so thankful to yourself for caring deeply enough to orchestrate a positive life flow. Be proud that you are doing something that is responsible and life-productive.


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