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June 21st-July 21st

Relationships, partnerships, “soulmate”, “Who is my perfect match?”, and “How do I harmonize all these moving parts and people in my life?” may be on your mind this month. Many of you Cancers are probably tossing and turning at night with worry over a particular someone or fretting about whether or not you made the right decision about a contract or partnership. This includes the form of money. Some of you are worried about a particular deal that may be taking longer than you like to close. By the eclipse on the 11th, you should find some closure and begin a new cycle in your life.

June 21st-July 21st

Truly new beginnings are upon you. The new moon eclipse on the 12th of July in your sign, Dear Cancer, invites you or rather drags you into the moment of truth. What kind of reality do you want to create? What kind of life do you really want to lead? This first eclipse will be in beautiful harmony with Neptune in Pisces in your ninth house and Jupiter in Scorpio in your 5th, activating creativity, love and romance, higher learning, relationship from someone long distance or foreign background, and opportunities to be explored that support your truest expression of self.

Cancer-January 2018 Eclipse

Do you feel an urge to break free and kick up your heals? Is your financial budget feeling a little constrictive right now? This is likely to be because the planets are aligning to encourage you to rejoice. On the one hand this is the ideal time to put on your dancing shoes. On the other hand you would be well advised to resist the urge to be distracted because you may have many options. Now is the time to follow your true heart's desire. This could be a person, a vocation, or an artistic hobby.

June 21st-July 21st

This week suggests that you might experience a relationship dynamic that will show prove to weather any storm. You might discover what true love means, find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or solidify that relationship who makes your heart sing. Perhaps you may experience a long-lasting marriage, friendship or professional relationship that develops into something beautiful. Do not sabotage your chance for love and romance by setting unrealistic expectations. If you chase after someone who is not ready to settle down, you will set yourself up for a disappointment.

June 21st-July 21st

Week of November 1-6, 2017
Letting go of everything to which you cling when your life is unsettled can be a good approach. You don't have to throw away any parts of your life that are of value to you. Instead, let go of the grip. Loosen up on dictating how your life needs to happen for your happiness. You may be pleasantly surprised. Consider asking life to be orchestrated in a way that brings you your deepest happiness. Be open to this occurring in ways you never imagined before. Sometimes the universe can please us far more profoundly than our own willpower can.


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