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June 21st-July 21st

This week suggests that you might experience a relationship dynamic that will show prove to weather any storm. You might discover what true love means, find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or solidify that relationship who makes your heart sing. Perhaps you may experience a long-lasting marriage, friendship or professional relationship that develops into something beautiful. Do not sabotage your chance for love and romance by setting unrealistic expectations. If you chase after someone who is not ready to settle down, you will set yourself up for a disappointment.

June 21st-July 21st

Week of November 1-6, 2017
Letting go of everything to which you cling when your life is unsettled can be a good approach. You don't have to throw away any parts of your life that are of value to you. Instead, let go of the grip. Loosen up on dictating how your life needs to happen for your happiness. You may be pleasantly surprised. Consider asking life to be orchestrated in a way that brings you your deepest happiness. Be open to this occurring in ways you never imagined before. Sometimes the universe can please us far more profoundly than our own willpower can.

June 21st-July 21st

Week of October 1-8, 2017
You should consider letting go of your stubborn refusal to let go of a project or relationship that simply is not working out the way you had hoped it would. Sometimes we lose in life and when we do, it's best to let go and move on. A young person, who is gentle, artistic and intuitive may enter your life and look for emotional reassurance, or perhaps it is you who will receive emotional reassurance. You will gain achievement and success. Your courage and sheer determination will help you deal with any challenges you may face and you will win through.

June 20-July 20

The energy this week invites you to infuse balance into your one-on-one relationships. When your heart falls in love, your head needs some type of contract to feel secure. When you can't balance your relationship contracts, you'll follow a repeated pattern of sudden breakups and then getting back together again. However if you can allow yourself to sit in the judge's seat and think about what you've said and done, and really get honest with yourself and others, then you can find the peace, security, and balance you seek and need.


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