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March 22nd- April 21st

It doesn’t take much to get you riled up this month. With Jupiter in Scorpio squaring off to your ruling planet Mars in Aquarius for the first part of August, you may just find yourself ready to take on anyone or anything who tries to yuck your yum or prevent you from getting the things done that you want most or feel quite passionate about. Remember, that your first tendency is to ram your way into any situation without thinking through all of the possible outcomes. While this can be noble in theory, often times it can leave you to clean up the mess all by yourself.

March 22nd- April 21st

I realize patience really does seem like a virtue, and it is. Your ruling planet, Mars, went retrograde June 26th and will remain so until August 27th. The most intense times felt by this retrograding planet will be the few hours or day when this God of War is stationing to move direct again. However, the month of July will give you a few times to feel quite powerful and to initiate some action steps so you can feel as if life is has some movement. These times of initiation will be at the new moon eclipse July 12th and full moon eclipse on July 27th.

Aries-January Eclipse Scope

Right now you may be restless. Have you been experiencing an urge to follow a particular calling lately? If so then seize the opportunities that come your way. On the one hand you have a strong desire for excitement but on the other you want to let go of unnecessary drama in your life. It is also possible that you are waiting for others to act but nothing is happening. Sometimes growth comes easily. At other times you are likely to experience some friction. Right now your lessons are likely to be learned with a touch of frustration.

March 22nd- April 21st

This week you may find yourself needing to walk a fine line between logic and emotion. You may have to get tough, as in delivering hard facts to someone you love or making a decision that you know isn't going to win you any friends. Try not to become so detached from your emotions that you appear cold or lacking in empathy. Don't be so insistent on pointing out the differences between right and wrong that you wind up alienating others. While you may find it necessary to "lay down the law," you don't want to forget to exercise a little tact or diplomacy.

March 22nd- April 21st

Week of November 1-6, 2017
Trust that a simple gift of life is coming your way. What was challenging and difficult will now be lightened. The overwhelming capacity of the heart to feel love in all situations will soon melt the mind's many mazes. You will be astounded at how good you feel. Open your heart in trust. Keep your mind on faith in the universal love for you. The rest will be taken care of in equal proportion to the openess in your heart.


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