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Aquarius- January 2018 Eclipse

The eclipse may cause your love life and finances to feel a little unsettled. You may make changes that are destined to move you forward in a more positive direction when it comes to these two areas. A meeting with a woman may have a positive outcome. The extent of any tension depends on other personal influences. This could just be a temporary glitch in an otherwise loving scenario or something a little more serious. Try to relax and not to obsess. If you show restraint then you are likely to reap the rewards of better understanding for your loved one.

January 20-February 20

This week's energy will have you looking deeper into what you need for wholeness, completion, harmony, and contentment. You will be reminded that you are now and always whole. Times of stillness; a space of balance, a place of union within, a merging of the masculine and feminine will be experienced in various ways. Don't hold on to wanting, reaching, needing and achieving. Do not compare yourself to others - this only creates more separation. Don't cling to judgments, expectations and fear-based thinking. Desperation and separation come from fear; wholeness and oneness come from love.

January 20-February 20

Week of November 1-6, 2017
You feel deeper self-confidence. You have stronger emotional endurance. You know that any challenge ultimately leads to triumph because you use challenge so well. Over all, you feel much fuller, happier, more thankful. Choosing carefully, refraining from a decision that would keep you stuck with something mediocre, takes courage when you have been waiting for a very long time. It's a wise choice, however. This will lead the way to your heart's desire.

January 20-February 20

Week of September 3, 2017
Trust in momentum. Life is changing all the time. When we expand into greater use of our own potential, some shaking and discomfort can rise up. This may mean that life is inviting you into something far more full. The unknown can feel daunting but if it also feels clean and good, persevere. The rewards will eventually be wonderful. Love your courage. Celebrate your unique ways. Know that life sees your intention and release those who don't. Stay close to people who love you and see the good in you.


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